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College announces new chairman

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Aug 07 2004 10:36

Lord Kerr of Kinlochard will be the new Chairman of Imperial?s Court and Council.

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1. tom t   
Aug 09 2004 15:35

Hmm how appropriate.

Seems like Sir, sorry Lord, John has a number of useful connections to IC already. For starters, he serves as non exec with Dickie himself for Rio Tinto, and of course being part of Shell means he's acquainted with Lord Ron, ex-Rector (and prone to worry about climate change), which is useful for Dickie since he also chairs the Lords Science and Technology committee. But that's not all. He is also a trustee of the National Gallery, a position also held by our very own Dame Julia Higgins, also on the Council of IC. Lord Kerr also knows Sir Peter Job, another Shell man, and oddly enough a non-exec of GSK, whence Dickie came (before the share-price collapsed). I could go on, but I think you get the picture. What I failed to find out is how much Lord Kerr can expect for his services to IC. After all, Dickie chairs the remuneration committee for Rio Tinto, so maybe a few strings could be pulled to make it all worth his while..

Aug 13 2004 20:56
3. John   
Aug 14 2004 00:45

Is anyone having trouble getting into their outlook account.what is going on?????

can anyone help ??

Thank you.

Aug 14 2004 18:21

Bloody outlook! Grrr!

Aug 14 2004 21:51

Aye, outlook online thing is being an a**e

Oliver - how well do you know the Lord's that sit on Imperial's Court and Council - I mean, are we talking christmas cards or quick pint of pepsi in the Holland club?

6. tom t   
Sep 03 2004 13:50

May be interest to some that Sir Alastair Morton died yesterday, leaving a vacancy on the Court and Council of IC. A sad day for his family.

I wonder if we'll get some other honoured luminary elected, Lord Archer perhaps? I'm sure his wife would know with whom to have a word. Watch this space!

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