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A'level debate resurfaces, this time at Imperial...

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Aug 19 2004 13:22

Yesterday, Imperial played host to the annual A'level debate as Schools Standards Minister David Miliband MP visited a SummerSchool at the College.

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Aug 19 2004 14:09

this article does not work.

Aug 19 2004 14:17

Fixed now, the new alias was causing problems.

Aug 20 2004 20:39

What is this article actually saying?

4. cynic   
Aug 22 2004 14:42

That a semi annonymous politician managed to get the nice new Tanaka foyer on TV...

Aug 22 2004 19:57

That the government who want students to pay 3K p.a. to support themselves, is instead supporting its meaningless exams so anyone can get the entry grades and selection is purely financial, and summerschools for a tiny fraction of kids who won't be able to afford those fees anyway?

Aug 23 2004 16:47

What utter Tosh from Milliband. Students at the top end of their A Levels (such as those he was addressing) KNOW their grades are inflated, or they wouldn't have to spend their summer proving how good they really are, to distinguish themselves from the rest.

As a commentator said at the weekend, it's not the students we're calling stupid.

Aug 24 2004 11:48

Tallented, eh?

Is that like speshul?

8. Falco   
Sep 18 2004 20:26

I wouldn't label David Milliband as a 'semi anonymous' politican, in fact he's a favourite in becoming a prime minister one day...

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