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RCS desperate to lose mascot

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Mar 16 2001 12:00

President McKee keen for Guilds to violate Theta so he can make a new one!

Mar 16 2001 13:01

How about this for a headline: GUILDS WEBSITE TALKS OUT OF ITS ****

As usual you have twisted everything that has been said. I NEVER encouraged members of the RCSU to help lose Theta. I have encouraged Guilds to make a raid, because I know they will fail. Given this article has been posted anomynously I suggest it be removed as a malicious lie, before I take this further.

2. stef   
Mar 16 2001 13:53

mascotory....yawn...this is the reason I only took an involvement with miners and Medics when i was a biochemist.......

Mar 16 2001 15:13

Hmmm... a certain RCSU AAO seems to think you want Guilds people told where Theta will be...

Everything else in the article(apart from quotes of Guilds people) came from the aforemention RCSU hack.

Perhaps the RCSU need to look at making sure their officers portray their activities with a "corporate" view.

Mar 16 2001 17:33

Or maybe I'm just bad at understanding what people are trying to tell me.

Jason McKee said that the motion taken to GenCom was actually defeated. Looks like he thinks Trojan Horse don't have the bottle to violate Theta. Hmmm...

Mar 16 2001 19:54

I thought they were called the wooden horse.

Mar 16 2001 20:01

So did I!

It appears that since there was (essentially) no-one left in Wooden Horse, when Spanner + Bolt were nicked, the newly formed mascotry team have picked a new name.

Mar 17 2001 15:05

As I understand it, mascotry has a few simple rules to ensure it remains a game and doesn't become down and out robbery. I do believe one of these rules is that you must show your mascots (and those belonging to another union but in your possession) at least twice a term at official union events.

I do believe that the RCSU have not shown Theta at all this term, nor have they shown Bolt. As they only have 1 official RCS event left this term, surely the mascots will have to be handed over to Guilds!

However, something tells me that the RCSU do not play by the rules, and will not be presenting Bolt and Theta to C&G at the end of term!!!

Like everything else at IC, maybe the rules need revising, and maybe the RCS need a new masot which can be stolen without needing to use a forklift truck to move it. For crying out loud they may as well make Jessibel their voilate mascot!

8. felix   
Mar 17 2001 20:20

Yawn... well, gives me a headline or two. "Official: No-one cares about CCUs"

Mar 18 2001 12:22

You guys have the most AWFUL sense of timing. Maybe when we were trying to organise 1200 students in the Buddies Scheme. Maybe when 450 overflooded a 200 capacity room at the Internship Launch. Maybe when over 700 students were using the online Internship Centre. Maybe when 946 students were voting in our elections. Your offer of an asprin during those headaches would have been appreciated... then again I don’t think your pain relief would have been strong enough.

Mar 18 2001 15:18

I take it Dinesh was referring to Felix when he said "you guys"?

Mar 18 2001 15:21

'Mr E Man' is perhaps exaggerating. Jez would not make a great mascot. It would be much easier to move than Theta as it can be driven.

Also, if Jez were to be damaged in mascotry activities it would be shame as the vehicle is probably priceless. All CCU vintage vehicles are permanently inviolate for this very reason.

Mar 18 2001 18:57

Mustafa, I realise these facts! However, how many IC students would have the first clue about how to drive Jes?????

Also, I know it is impractical because it could get damaged! I was being sarcastic!!!! Theta is also impractical becase you need a car to transport it or an army!!

Mar 18 2001 19:00

How much does Theta weigh?

Mar 18 2001 21:57

Apparently about 80kg (approx 165 lbs). Not quite practical as I've been saying.

Mar 19 2001 12:29

That's only 10 kg more than Mike-the-Micrometer. I don't think that is unreasonable. You obviously haven't seen some of the other University of London mascots :-)

Mar 19 2001 18:22

I believe Jason McKee (technically still a Guilds mascot) weighs more than any other mascot. No-one has violated him yet...

Mar 21 2001 02:15

RCS President Jason McKee has previously slated people for posting anonymously to this discussion.

So why, Jason are you doing exactly that, and making comments about yourself(!), under the name of Mr. Theta?

Mar 21 2001 11:08

Gary, or should I say Simon?,

If you are going to have a go at least get your facts right. I pointed out that it was a bit cheap for people to _critize_ anonymously, I didn't say anything on posting anomynously. Nor did I try and hide who I am, most people worked out who Mr. Theta was, as in fact you did. Incidentally, while we are on the subject, isn't critizing through someone else, critizing anonymously Simon?

Mar 27 2001 19:31

Can we have a new game, please?

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