Sat 24 Feb 2018
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ICU President to be removed from College Council

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Sep 30 2004 12:43

College council is likely to remove the unions only representative

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Sep 30 2004 13:37

Is that it? One of the biggest news stories since top up fees, and all we get is 140 words?!

Sep 30 2004 14:02

So far this is only a possibility; more details will be published as they become available, and certainly when and if the paper is indeed presented.

Sep 30 2004 15:04

Felix got there first, hey ho, can't win 'em all. I can't disagree that Felix looks good this year actually :-) Just a shame its on newspaper paper.

4. tom t   
Sep 30 2004 15:51

is there any info about the other removals from teh council? Currently 12 'co-opted' members sit - wouldn't they be the first to go?

interesting news though. what exactly is the point of stakeholder representation?? We already know SRS's views on people he may tend to disagree with

Oct 05 2004 17:57

Investors? What do they know?! They only own the company, and one only needs to see the crazy ideas they come up with if you let them get out of hand. I mean, I was only out of the place ten minutes and look what *they were up to*

Oct 05 2004 19:57

But isn't the Dickie quote (in part) "Big shareholders are 'pathetic'. Their failure to hold our major companies to account is 'a sin'. "

Surely "GlaxoSmithKline Plc, braced for an embarrassing shareholder revolt over executive pay this week" indicates they're doing exactly what Dickie suggests they should.

7. tom r   
Oct 05 2004 23:57

but lost the plot, you miss the point.

big shareholders are pathetic, but little ones who actually might be risking something are powerless. anyway, compared to sykes even the big shareholders of most companies are pathetic.

however, in the case of glaxo, not all shareholders revolting are 'big'. in fact most are 'small'. and the shareholder revolt is too late??? depends how soon you were informed of the pay rise, really. democracy within corporations is lacking, and it's beginning to lack in public bodies such as Imperial College if the rumours i hear are to be vindicated.


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