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CGCU kicked out of Lord Mayor?s show!

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Sep 30 2004 20:36

Having annoyed them 3 years running they?ve finally snapped.

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1. Sid   
Sep 30 2004 20:48

I would say something but someones got to finish the Guildsh*t.

Sep 30 2004 20:50

Bunch of incompetent muppets I say!!! Pull your socks up Collins, you know that you are ultimtely responsible.

By now, you should be more than capable of judging the capabilites of your fellow officers.

Sep 30 2004 21:08

Dominic Reid, the Pageantmaster, is a very nice man who I have found to always be very flexible and accomodating. I can't believe you somehow managed to get up his nose!

Mustafa (C&G Lord Mayor's Show Co-ordinator 1999-2000).

Sep 30 2004 22:10

Bring Richard back.

Sep 30 2004 23:10

Nice to see all is well in the Collins Camp, including, so the fly hears, the freshers dinner budget (Anyone for a glass of wine?). Lets see what happens next...

Oct 01 2004 09:10

Dominic Read is a very,very nice man.

But we genrally do make a mess of giving him reasons to be nice to us.

Oct 01 2004 09:20

Also, I would like to know what the people in the picture were doing to stop them getting any sleep that night, as i don't belive they were up building the float all night! (you will have to check with ex-president Patel though)

Oct 01 2004 11:11

Well, it ain't over till the large lady sings. Lets hope Prof Kitney can re-negotiate entry. I did me bit to kick start LMS this year and it would be dissapointing to see it go.

Oct 01 2004 11:29

I think you should turn with a float anyway, "Animal House" style.

10. Beci   
Oct 02 2004 17:56

No wonder those of us trying to organise the LMS programme hadn't received the C&G logo for their entry....

11. Beci   
Oct 02 2004 17:57

And yes, Dominic Reid is a very nice man, who is usually very difficult to piss off...

Oct 12 2004 11:39

Collins...this is all your falut...

I do agree to depose the guy who f***ed up...

but you will never be the president that patel was

Nov 05 2004 18:28

Blackwell. In case you haven't realised, we are back in the show. I took charge of this project for the month following our re-admittance, during which I managed to get us back on good terms with our sponsors, the Dean and the Pageantmaster, complete all of the necessary paperwork that should have been finished by May, secure additional sponsorship, a free lorry (worth ?1000), free banners (worth ?1000), and find enough volunteers together to make this thing work. The project has now been handed over to Chris McIver, and thanks to his superb project management, this year's entry is set to make a small profit. In my view this compares favourably to last year's effort, which lost the Union ?1700.

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