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Spanner (again) & Bolt disappear

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Oct 08 2004 11:19

After a number of occasions where security around the mascots has been poor, it appears they have been stolen?

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Oct 08 2004 12:34

Well it wasn't us this time, but for Spanner to be nicked for the second time in 4 Days is just careless.

Oct 08 2004 20:08

Are the rules of ransoming mascots back for RAG still in operation?

Oct 08 2004 20:16

Technically no, but when did RAG pay any attention to the rules?

Oct 08 2004 21:55

It must be said I think mascotry only makes sense if the mascots are ransomed in the name of RAG, otherwise they go the way of Theta, which appears to have gone for good...

Oct 09 2004 00:25

John, you of all people should know that RAG never follow rules! But I (As always) want money!!!

Oct 10 2004 15:54

Has any body seen Theta lately?

7. Seb   
Oct 10 2004 23:18


Oct 11 2004 11:04

I'd just like to make it clear that it wasn't me this time and that I've been in Wye all along. "Borrowing" Spanner isn't that hard any way. No one stops you when you walk out of the door. My associate and I got as far as Beit Quad.

Oct 11 2004 17:04

I thought all the mascots were declared inviolate after the RCS dissolved itself, but maybe it's my age getting to me.

Oct 11 2004 18:21

Faithfull Sidekick, nice to know Spanner gets regular trips to Beit Quad? As a passing interest when did you "borrow" Him and shouldn't we all work together to provide him with better holiday opportunities and a chance to see the World?

Oct 11 2004 19:53

Speaking from experience Chris, it is generally not a good idea to get involved with seemingly natural allies on the Wye Campus...

12. Trevor   
Oct 11 2004 21:27

The aforementionned Spanner-napping was indeed during RAG week last year. Whereas I had my fun scaring Sab candidates in wye the week before.

I wonder if Mr Collins means that I am only "seemingly" an ally, or that I am only "seemingly" natural?

Time for another chocolate-spread-and-Londoner sandwich, methinks. Grrrowl.

Oct 11 2004 21:34

My (deliberately selective) understanding was that inviolate means you are no longer allowed to break one door to get to the mascot, and must restrict yourself to those you can walk in and take.

Oct 11 2004 21:50

Given the experiance of the Freshers Fair walking up and nicking is so easy u'd be a fool to try anything more complicated (Well, as far as Spanner is concerned)

Oct 12 2004 12:13

As far as I know, Wye is not included under any of the "no mascot borrowing" rules, so we can "borrow" whatever we like. Not that we'd do anything of the sort, oh no.

Trevor> Get back on my top shelf and leave the Londoners alone or I won't let you sit in on any more Exec meetings, Guilds or otherwise.

16. Trevor   
Oct 12 2004 15:17

What do you expect if you leave me alone in your room with internet access? I'll only eat the annoying Londoners!

Anyway, with all this talk of mascotry I think I'd better go and check on Archimedes.

Oct 15 2004 15:47

Dear All,

It is unfortunate you don't understand the rules of mascotry.

The key one is that you have to have a violate mascot to take part.

We are putting together a comprehensive guide at the moment, for the uninformed. Bear with us.

Oct 15 2004 17:50

Bolt is safe. It is currently in the hands of A Faculty Union.

It will be anonimously deposited in a location that will be later announced upon the agreement and payment of suitable payment to RAG.

All negotiations should be conducted through or on this site.

Oct 15 2004 20:10

I can confirm that Bolt is now back in C&G hands.

This follows what has been classed as a "theft" since his removal was not conducted under any "Mascotry agreement".

Regards, Bolt's friend

Oct 15 2004 22:04

Spanner, I think you might be lying, Spanner is next to me at this very moment. As one former C&G president would say, Tee Hee Hee

Oct 15 2004 22:33

Sorry, I of course mean bolt

Oct 16 2004 10:20

At the most mascotry can't really occur anyway, as only C&G have any violate mascots. Paddington I don't believe has been seen for ages, whilst Theta belongs to a group that no longer officially exists. (As an aside, whoever stole theta has also broken the rules of mascotry as it is inviolate and thus can also be called 'theft'. I hope people consider that one too). As RSM is now under the C&G umbrella, Davy is no longer fun to steal really. This really spoils the game.

Oct 16 2004 10:36

Anyone want to own up to making anonimous phone calls stating that Bolt was in our store cupboard? I can confirm that the RAG treasurer and chair looked but could not find it.

Oct 16 2004 19:59

Would those involved in the Trojon Horse mafia be so kind as to tell us which mascots can be stolen and which cannot? Is mascotry a game reserved purely for present Faculty Unions or can CSCs (e.g. RSM) or ex CCUs (e.g. Ex-RCS) join in if they have a recognised mascot?

Oct 17 2004 12:05

Amused Observer,

There is no reason why other groups cannot take part however they must publically state that they have a violate mascot. This has in the past generally been from UL level down to CCU level however there is no reason why this cannot be expanded.

In answer to your question re:Theta. It was never declared inviolate and so remains a violate mascot.

Davy however for sometime has been inviolate.

Hope this helps.

Oct 17 2004 12:34

Dear Trojan Horse, your memory must be failing you. Theta was declared inviolate in one of the last acts of the RCSU. As a member of that last Exec, I can vouch for this fact.

One of the central tenets of mascotry was the mascotry agreements. These became null and void at the end of July 2002, as the bodies represented by them ceased to exist. Thus, according to previous judgements by ICU, mascotry cannot occur, until new mascotry agreements are in place. Therefore, any "violation" of a percieved Mascot is theft.

Oct 17 2004 21:45

I guess that makes us thieves then.

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