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Council Elections F.... (take a wild guess)

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Oct 19 2004 20:32

Owing to an unforseen turnout, this year's ICU Council Elections were initially counted by hand, but this resulted in some errors and confusion, especially concerning the high position of RON.

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Oct 20 2004 11:50

And if you think all that sounds boring, you should have seen the rest of the meeting.

Oct 20 2004 12:22

Wicked, power to da ppl I say.

Oct 20 2004 12:23

Ha ha ha! Love the photo!

Oct 20 2004 22:26

Hmmm, so what do you get when people are paid to vote? i am amazed we have not had reports of someone saying

"make sure you vote. if you dont know anyone just vote RON" whilst treasuruers just thought "Ker-ching".


hang on.

annother vote.

another 25p per vote?



(just as well its so easy to get nominated these days, eh?)

5. Ruth   
Oct 21 2004 14:13

The problem was a lot of people (particularly dramsoc types standing for House Committee!!) didn't bother submitting a manifesto, so when ordinary students (not hacks) voted - who didn't know who the candidates were - they had no idea who to vote for so voted RON.

A sad fact, but if you get ordinary students to vote (by paying their clubs and societies) the candidates at least need to make an effort!

6. Steve   
Oct 22 2004 00:17

Why is it a sad fact? It's would be quite refreshing if the candidates had to make an effort.

7. Ruth   
Oct 22 2004 14:10

I suppose I meant "sad" rather than sad.

8. ant   
Oct 28 2004 16:26

Well it seems that the lack of elected OMs is already going to cause a collection of papers etc for the first quorate meetings of house etc...

House was cancelled today.

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