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Ball sells out in last-minute rush

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Oct 26 2004 11:03

After fears that the CGCU Freshers' Ball would be let down by low tcikets sales, a last-minute rush saw tickets for the Engineers' event sell out.

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Oct 26 2004 12:08

If it wasn't for that precious "last minute" the world would collapse.

Oct 26 2004 17:31

Sell regalia to drunken students at the door on that night!

Trust the Kings, it will sell! And it will empty your old stock making rooms for the new ones!

3. Nia   
Oct 26 2004 18:32

Hooray! Well done Guilds on selling those tickets. It looks like it'll be a great night.

4. ant   
Nov 02 2004 12:41

So do we take it none of guilds can actually remember enough of the event to give us an article on it?

Nov 02 2004 17:05

It seems that most of our journalists got too wasted to remember anything to write!

Nov 02 2004 20:34

Wasted? Me???

As if...

Nov 02 2004 22:12

Surely the Guilds journalists could adapt their usual tactic and make it all up

Nov 03 2004 10:46

One sober chap was filming it all, you'll just have to pop into the office to see the truth ;-) Now we know that Sanjeev likes flowers and plants too.

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