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Hon. Sec. Resigns after most successful ball ever!!

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Nov 02 2004 18:06

530 attended the largest catered event the college has ever held.

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Nov 02 2004 17:32

530 students quoted at the top of the article, 580 at the bottom. Where did those 50 people come from?

2. Gary   
Nov 02 2004 17:36

The author started seeing double 50 people before the end of his headcount?

Nov 02 2004 18:26

Ah, fair point. I think ticket sales were around 530 so '580 students' is probably a bit enthusiastic but if you include team Bo', the Clem and karting guys, the band and Waleed who turned up with a video camara and tried to look important its gonna be over 580 (honest).

Nov 05 2004 11:13

Can I just point out that I resigned at the start of term, though said I would continue as Ball organiser. There was a General Meeting to elect a new one, both of whom were RON'd. I continued in my post, mainly doing Ball stuff and John finally accepted it once the ball was over. Just to get the facts right

5. Roo   
Nov 16 2004 20:12

Oh Martin, did you know you even made it on to the front page of the Physical Siences newspaper. I think perhaps they were doing a p*** take of the above article.

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