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Guilds Summer Sabbatical Secured

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Nov 09 2004 10:54

Following recent negotiations, City and Guilds College Union has secured funding to support a full-time President over the summer vacation.

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Nov 09 2004 11:43

Uh hum, cough, cough. The campaign for a guilds sabbatical did not kick off under the "Patel regime". The first fundraising mailshot took place last year; the idea is actually ancient but was seriously put onto the agenda the previous year. The Guilds Management Committee resolved to pursue a sabbatical in a rather understated manner in April 2002 after discussing a paper I wrote :-p


Nov 09 2004 12:01

Aaaarggh! I *hate* that photo!

Nov 09 2004 12:51

no pleasing some people... *sulk*... *sob*...

I thought it was a cute photo, although I'm admittedly unimpressed with Office Photo Manager's attempts at resizing and compressing.

Nov 09 2004 14:24

Computing is zero-funded? That's not what I heard last :)

Nov 09 2004 15:18

Ashley's correct - DoC Soc has just (within the last fortnight) received a very generous donation from the Department of Computing. This is the first time DoC has received departmental money for a while and I thanked the Head of the Department for this at yesterday's lunchtime presentation.

Nov 09 2004 15:49

Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like Mini Me Bill Gates Stylie!

Nov 10 2004 08:16

Sabbatical wit a capital 'o'? Hmmm.

Is this some ill-fated attempt at humour, perhaps? Or is it just incompetence?

Nov 10 2004 11:18

It does say "with" not "wit." The rest is deliberate.

Nov 10 2004 17:27

So if it's deliberate what on Earth is it alluding to?

Nov 10 2004 19:10

The (potentially Confusing) ICU definitions of the Felix Editor being a Sabbatical but not an Officer, and the ICSMSU President being an Officer who is a Sabbatical- a sabbatical officer- but not actually a Sabbatical Officer.

Nov 11 2004 11:50

And does ICU define the word "Officer"?

Nov 11 2004 13:31

I was going to post a link to the relevant parts of the regulations- went to the Union Website, looked up the Constitution and it's gone! When did that happen? Is the updated version going up soon?

13. Sid   
Nov 12 2004 12:19

There is no constitution, welcome to UK Nichola.

Nov 12 2004 16:43

I meant the ICU Constitution. There is definitely one of them. In fact, there's a UK law that says there has to be one.

Nov 12 2004 16:48

Actually the law (Education Act '94) says (s22)(2)

"The governing body shall in particular take such steps as are reasonably practicable to secure that the following requirements are observed by or in relation to any students' union for students at the establishment? (a) the union should have a written constitution;"

Nov 13 2004 19:34

Just cos its not online doesn't mean we don't have a constitution. If anyone is really bored they could go to the union office to look at a copy, but somehow I doubt anyone could be bothered to do such a thing.

17. Kath   
Nov 16 2004 20:07

And it wasn't like there weren't enough links in the article already...

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