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Preview: You Can?t Stop the Beat

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Nov 25 2004 15:18

Last night this reporter had the pleasure of being invited to attend the final rehearsal for the forthcoming ICU Musical Theatre Society event, You Can?t Stop the Beat.

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Nov 25 2004 16:38

Admission may be free but RAG will be there so bring some spare change!

2. Ruth   
Nov 26 2004 11:14

Damn, whoever you are, you've just said most of what I was going to when I reviewed it! Grrrrr! Now I shall have to resort to personal comments about the actual performance.

Nov 26 2004 11:29

Blame the culture editor Ruth

Nov 26 2004 13:35

Apologies Ruth but I have been receiving requests for previews in addition to reviews so that for short-run / one night events people don't just get a review the day after with no option to see the preformance for themselves.

Feel free to email me with comments.

5. Nia   
Nov 29 2004 13:42

I must say I really rather enjoyed this last night. The bit with the fans was a moment of inspired genius. Some other moments were a little disturbing but I think the therapy will fix that.

Anyone who wants to avoid coursework this evening will find dBs is a good place to hide from it.

6. Ruth   
Nov 29 2004 16:47

Duncan, can the choir concert (on the 10th December, in the Great Hall, Mozart's Requiem) have a preview article... I'd supply you with one but obviously I'm baised!

7. Ruth   
Nov 29 2004 16:48

Oh and I can't spell...

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