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Mines Elections Fall in to Farce

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Mar 23 2001 17:28

ICU Exec have ordered a re-run of the RSMU's Presidential Elections

Mar 23 2001 18:02

Will there really be much of a turn out in a re-run election? This can't be at all good for RSMU - espcially after the record turnouts for CGCU and RCSU this year.

Mar 24 2001 20:39

ICU Exec.'s decision was actually quite sensible given the situation. What I still fail to understand is why it had to go to ICU Exec. in the first place... BTW SCC have had to reschedule their elections due to poor timing and lack of room availibility, what is it with ICU elections this year?

Apr 19 2001 20:56

Look - can't somebody get electronic voting working? This site is absolutely excellent, just what the CCU's need to communicate with students and facilitate discussion - so why not go that step further? I know that most DoC students would relish the challenge of breaking the system, but surely that should inspire someone to write an unbreakable one? CGCU could then market it to the rest of the country (like ULU - pah!) and make a small fortune.

Just an idea...

Apr 19 2001 21:10

C&GCU already have an electronic voting system for DoC.

The problem with the rest of College is that CCS's login accounts are often out of date... If someone were to kick CCS into running their systems properly we could have electronic voting easily.

Apr 19 2001 21:12 electronic voting system really ought to be based on College login accounts, other wise no-one will bother to register (like the ULU system).

That's why the Internship Centre, (and a couple of future features) use College logins.

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