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Jazz and Rock Gig Night

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Dec 09 2004 14:16

25th November saw the second Jazz and Rock gig night at DBs this term.

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Dec 09 2004 15:05

Precarious start? We were setting the scene, building an ambiance :-) That is space rock for you...

2. Helen   
Dec 09 2004 18:10

Well considering my name and "culture" have never existed in the same sentence before i'm sorry for missreading the beginning of your set :-)

Dec 09 2004 18:38

Cheers for putting this up Helen. Good to see that you've brought some rock n roll to live!

Dec 10 2004 11:56

Rock n Roll is more than welcome on live however if I don't hear about events in advance and I miss the publicity reporters are unlikely to be sent to events.

In other words if you want a cultural event of any type that is associated with IC to appear on live please email me (see the link below) and I will endeavour to send a reporter (though not necessarily one as fine as Miss Dawson) to the event.

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