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Imperial in University Challenge Final

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Mar 26 2001 21:43

The Imperial College team reaches the series final where they will meet St John's College, Oxford.

Mar 27 2001 13:32

How did the RCS University Challenge team do?

Mar 27 2001 15:31

They didn't qualify last year. Who knows about this year?

3. Sunil   
Mar 30 2001 16:57

Well, half of this year's team has been grabbed/nicked/stolen/pinched from the previously selected RCS team, so...

In any case, had the RCS team gone on, it'd have gone on as the IC team.

Mar 30 2001 19:34

So what then is the point of having a separate RCS team? If they're just going to go forward as IC, why not just have a strong IC team instead of splitting our talent along CCU lines?

5. Rob   
Apr 01 2001 23:28

So that explains why it was a team of four medics last year then.

I agree... I think it's a shame that Imperial College isn't entering as 'Imperial College'.

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