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CivSoc Welcomes You

Sep 28 2006 13:46
Andrew Kosinski
On behalf of the CivSoc committee, welcome to the department!

The fact that you have this paper in your hand means that you?re a civil engineering fresher and so on behalf of the CivSoc committee, welcome to the department! If you weren?t aware, fresher means first year, freshman, newbie etc., and expect to be called it a lot over the coming year!

CivSoc stands for the Civil Engineering Society. Every student in the department is automatically a member (there is no membership fee), who each year elect a ten-strong student committee. CivSoc is funded by the university and provides a broad range of services to the students it represents. Of course, the most important of these are social events and the legendary trips, but more on that later.

The roles of CivSoc include organising interesting site visits (such as to Heathrow Terminal 5), arranging for prestigious speakers to come into department and talk (which this year included Institution of Civil Engineers President, Gordon Masterton), organising sports events (such as inter-year football matches) and producing a twice-termly newspaper (called Livic, of which this is a special edition).

CivSoc dedicates a lot of time (and money) to organising social events, as we rightly should! CivSoc parties and events are great opportunities to get to know the people on your course better, and people in other years. It?s these people that you?re going to be seeing and working with day-in day-out, and there is no better setting to get to know those around you than say...the CivSoc pub crawl event in the first week! The classic route takes in four bridges over the Thames in Central London, fabulous nocturnal sights, not to mention great pubs and bars, and it is always a fantastic curtain-raiser to the year. Get your new academic diaries out and pen this in?5th October?CivSoc pub crawl! A map of the route can be found on the reverse of this sheet.

Without a shadow of a doubt, and I can say this as a three-time veteran, the International trip is the highlight of the calendar here at civ eng. Every February, over a 3-night long weekend, CivSoc organise a trip to a top European city with two aims: to tour around world-class civil engineering sites by day, and to indulge in top-class nightlife after dark. In 2003 the destination was Athens, in 2004 Barcelona, 2005 Berlin and 2006 Paris.

Each year the trip has got bigger and better, and CivSoc works hard to secure thousands of pounds worth of engineering sponsorship to make the trip affordable for students. More details about this years trip will no doubt be revealed in a future Livic, but it is features like this?unique amongst university departments at Imperial ? that will hopefully make you realise that civ eng stands out from the rest.

It is worth mentioning the buddy scheme at this point. Each fresher is assigned a second year buddy during Freshers Week. The scheme is great as it gives you a first point of contact in the department, someone to show you round and recommend shops and pubs, and someone who can answer academic or social questions which you may feel a lecturer or your Personal Tutor isn?t equipped to answer.

Hopefully this will have whetted your appetite about starting at university and in a month?s time you?ll be raring to go and experience everything CivSoc has to offer. Have a great September and we look forward to meeting you!

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