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Join the Green Team

Nov 07 2006 08:31
Avalon de Paravicini
Find out about CivSoc's Environmental Awareness Group
Footprint key: 1.8 hectare = 1 planet earth required.

If everyone lived like the average UK citizen, we would need 2.95 planet Earths to sustain our average lifestyles (assuming an average of 5.3 hectares per person). That doesn't mean to say we should all live like paupers, wear organic hemp and sandals made from hay, and only study in candlelight (candles sourced from beeswax of course). However there are little changes we can all make to help get the number of planets we need down to the only one we have. There is also a misconception that ?eco? goods are always expensive and high-design and only the Zac Goldsmiths of the Chelsea Borough can afford them. This is not true! If you reduce what you use, reuse what you have and buy responsibly and/or second hand where possible, the savings can be immense and stylistically original. And you do not have to look like a war-time thrifty granddad. This extends from organising your home to constructing buildings in your later career.

CivSoc Green Team (The Environmental Awareness Group)

We are a non-committee forum essentially to help lobby changes for the better within the Skempton building with regards to Environmental issues and build up awareness within the student body of such issues.

For example in the past year (and our first year of being established) we managed to implement recycling bins throughout the department (before the whole college got the treatment), Fairtrade chocolate options in the vending machine and some plants in the common room (although someone seems to have removed them now). We also managed to have a 'environmental issue' special edition Livic highlighting recycling and reuse.

We want people to come to regular meetings to discuss improvements that can be made and to discuss issues we need to make people aware of. We will also give advice to those who want to improve their environmental footprint ratings but don't know where to start, with Blue-Peter style advice ranging from changing the way you travel to college and mending your clothes stylishly to recycling junk mail and certain food packaging without even having to send it all out to the council.

Please contact Avalon de Paravicini ([email protected]) for more details.

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1. av   
Nov 14 2006 04:03

By the way, I don't think due credit has been given to Adbusters for the image. So here it is.

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