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Straight Outta Skempton

Nov 07 2006 08:34
Seb Kaminski
Civ Eng's favourite ICRadio DJs discuss their estabished show: School Daze
Seb and Lisa command the wheels of steel

Imperial College has a radio station? Really? Well?yes they do, although not many people know about it. ICRadio owns broadcast equipment and stream 24/7 onto the net at and on 1134am at the IC Wye Campus. We have many presenters hosting a variety of different shows of all kinds of genre, from jazz to trance to pop to classical, and also some topical shows. After two training sessions and a measly £8 joining fee you could be presenting a show live on air, whatever type you want.

An example of one of these shows is School Daze, where Lisa and myself, both 4th year civil engineers, play old-school music from the 80?s and 90?s. With some competitions and random banter between the tracks, it?s a good reminder of all those classic tunes from back in the day. You can listen to it at on Thursdays between 6 and 8.

ICRadio also has excellent DJ equipment including mixers, Technics 1210s, speakers and amps, and we hire these to other societies for their events. We also organise DJs to play at these gigs.

So if you want to get involved in ICRadio, to host a show, do some DJ-ing or if you like the technical stuff, then email our Station Manager Michael Higgins at and you could be presenting a show in a few weeks time!

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