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Nov 07 2006 08:44
Alex Morris
The destination of the 2007 is revealed. Read on for details on how to secure a place.
The Hungarian Parliament Building

CivSoc has organised an international tour every year for the past five years. Previous destinations have included Athens, Barcelona and Berlin. We are now able to confirm that the destination of this year?s tour will be Budapest.

Budapest boasts a wealth of engineering and architectural delights spanning many centuries. CivSoc aims to include as many of these as possible our itinerary. An excellent array of Hungarian beers, unfairly overshadowed by their Czech counterparts, await our discovery. And the luxurious spas present the perfect hangover cure.

Budapest 2007 will focus on the histories of engineering and architecture with the aim of contextualising present-day practice. We are as yet unable to provide a detailed itinerary, but many attractions are on the cards. We plan to tour the ancient Castle District of Buda along with the Hungarian Parliament building. We are currently arranging for a local engineer to introduce us to the impressive bridges spanning the Danube. The possibility of a site visit to the hotly-debated Metro Line Four, which has been on the drawing board for over thirty years, is being investigated. We are also hoping to visit the Castle Caves which were developed into a refuge to be used when the city is under siege. The complex network of tunnels now provides an interesting perspective on Engineering in Hungary.

CivSoc has just got in contact with its equivalent at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. We?re about to start planning a party between the two universities which will form one of the many highlights of the trip.

How to get a place

47 places are available on the trip. Signup will be via email on a first come first served basis. To reserve a place you will need to reply to an email sent out in the coming week. The first 47 repliers will receive places on the trip. A reminder will be sent out by email in advance of signup.

The earnest ones amongst you who are successful in securing a place will be required to pay a £70 non-refundable deposit the following week. Further details will be sent via email.

As the trip will be generously subsidised through sponsorship, CivSoc is not able to finalise the exact cost of the trip; however, the price will not exceed £140.

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Nov 08 2006 20:13

If you could secure a place for me , I would be grateful for that.

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