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Fed Up With Uni?

Mar 21 2007 15:33
Andrew Kosinski
Some sure signs that it?s time to move on.
Gotta catch 'em all


You remember when it wasn?t called the Skempton building.

You know exactly how many minutes after 10am Anna Hikel empties the coursework boxes.

Slag, slatey cleavage and full penetration butt weld cease to make you laugh. (But the introduction of ?muff? in fourth year steel design does.)

The guy in SAF doesn?t request your swipe card to give you the discount because you?ve been buying the same product for four years.

You can remember what Southside was like.

You can remember the blackboard in 201, nay, all the lecture theatres.

You?ve had a pint with a lecturer (Cheddar doesn?t count).

When you measure the value of your current coursework to multiples of 1st Year Engineering In Context Reports.

You learn how to reference work without always having to look up the procedure online.

You know where all the water fountains are where you can top up your bottle, and are able to rank them in order of water quality.

You?ve found the really old pictures of Dr Onof and Dr Butler*

You know the exact traffic light sequences that determine the optimal pedestrian phases on Cromwell Road.

You are Clive Hargreaves? eyes and ears.

You would always go to the Union from Skempton through chem. eng. because it shaves seconds off.

You can name more than five prominent civil engineers who haven?t had a company named after them. Brunel?s one?and two?

All your stationery has the names of consultants, contractors or investment banks on them.


You're proud of yourself because you've done something productive before 12pm!

You know that your room will be at its tidiest the day before a deadline.

You actually enjoy talking to your parents on the phone.

Coke tastes "odd" without Jack Daniels or Southern Comfort mixed into it.

A pasty constitutes a meal.

Newsround is your sole news source.

Everyone you know is a "legend".

The 3p price difference between different brands of baked beans is the deciding factor in your shopping.

You'll shell out more for a pint than you will for a whole day's food.

A simple twiddle of the thumbs indicates that your mate wants to engage in a game of Pro Evo.

When you think that footballers in televised games look really 'life-like' because you are so used to playing Pro Evo.

Expiry dates in your opinion are at least 2-3 weeks too early.

You can't walk past a traffic cone without thinking, 'wonder if I could get that home?'

*By the way. they?re in Room 141, along with at least two other current academics.

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