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Budapest Report

Mar 21 2007 19:24
Various Artists
A recap of the events on the International Trip, from the point of view of the First Years.
The Chain Bridge

By Louisa Brown, Gareth Hopkins, Charlotte Mace, Lorenzo Trotter and Douglas White

In late February some of us first years got the chance to go on our first CivSoc International Tour to the ?Paris of Eastern Europe?: Budapest. Never before had we experienced goulash in a bread bowl, counting out our forints/hufs/flumphs and quite how much Mr. Callow could talk. When everyone had just about made it to the gate at Luton we were on our way and it didn?t disappoint.

Our CivSoc chair wore his usual Saturday night attire on a Thursday, blue mini skirt, heels, ?Imperial Babe? t-shirt, black wig and pink feather boa, for a BUTE halls party whilst a few feet away a ?friendly? local boasted his new pistol to his friends.

The next day much geeky civil engineering excitement came not only with Building Top Trumps but also at the thought of visiting Hungary?s second biggest current engineering venture. With hard hats donned we ventured out onto the unfinished sagging bridge to find no safety rails and a 30m drop into the blue Danube either side. In order to reach the middle of the bridge the Hungarian contractors decided to put 3 planks of wood haphazardly placed to stop us falling and impaling ourselves on steel reinforcements.

After surviving, some of us attended an Italian opera about the French Revolution with Hungarian subtitles and an English programme. We were all completely lost and Douglas had a pillar obscuring his view.

The night offered just as much fun. Imagine one of the best clubs in London, but beers are 50p, girls get in free, free internet for some post clubbing drunken e-mailing, many glitter balls, angry Hungarian men and a few random mannequins around the place and you have the university Union where we spent an awesome Friday night. Let?s hope they never make the return visit to Imperial-bitter disappointment would be bound to occur!

On our last night we learnt that Ian Firth, a partner of Flint and Neill, likes to unwind by getting his groove on in a leather jacket to live hardcore American rap, pushing his way to the front leaving the rest of us looking like amateurs. Hugh added to his collection of ?borrowed? Hungarian items, which already included a menu and a girl?s belt, with a glass, a girl?s vest top and the club entrance stamp and purple ink pad. Everyone especially appreciated his random stamping attacks when we realised the ink was pretty permanent in the morning.

An awesome time was had by all of us and I?m sure we?ll be up replying to the e-mail for next year?s trip as early as need be.

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