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Change is a Foot

Oct 29 2007 17:36
Nick Simpson
It has been a long summer and the department hasn?t stood still, so what has change?
A flaming projector? Surely not.

Everybody likes change. Actually that isn?t quite true, no one liked the new exam format but lets not mull over that.

The department has seen a mini face lift over the summer period, with subtle changes creeping in here and there. Perhaps the most mundane, but also the most annoying is the completion of installing new doors in all the department?s corridors. While they may look nice and shiny, they only open one way - coffee carrying incidents from SAF have been reported!

Meanwhile lecturers have been treated to new technology, in the lecture rooms on the second floor the old counters have been removed, making way for off centre touch screen cathedrals of technology. Apparently light switches are no longer in vogue, with the new touchscreens controlling even the lighting - Tomorrows World will be pleased there 1985 predictions did come true!

These control panels go even further though, not only do they turn on and off lights they also act as computers and control the rooms projectors - something many Professors are yet to master. More new technology has arrived in the form of Visualisers, essentially a webcam OHP projector. Quite what the use of these are in a Civil Engineering department is still to be revealed, although one member of the soils department found them quite entertaining mid tutorial.

Probably the most bizarre aspect of the new installations are the animations to show the projectors cooling down, partly because they depict flames engulfing the projector!

All joking aside many students will be pleased with the department keeping up with the times, as others such as Earth Science Engineering have been enjoying such delights for some time.

Elsewhere new and more fashionable seating has been provided in the foyer, replacing the battered but comfy leather sofas which disappeared over a year ago.

A more curious addition is the new ?under lighting? of the temperamental department lifts. The doors have been fitted with snazzy light strips that glow green when the doors are open, and flash red when they are shutting. It leaves one wondering why?

On a more serious note...

The much treasured Dr. Rama retired at the end of the last academic year. Meanwhile Alison Ahearn is no longer first year coordinator. Many students? first memory of the department was the introduction lead by Alison. Thankfully a very competent Dr. Catherine O?Sullivan has stepped into the breach, as Alison is working on spreading Constructionarium around the world!

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