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The Buddy Scheme Launches

Oct 29 2007 18:05
Nick Simpson
The buddy scheme started off as a student lead initiative, coordinated by CGCU. In civil engineering it has taken a unique style, with copious staff support making it a huge event.
David Peacoup of CLM Consulting gave a presentation on the 2012 Olympic delivery

A continuing trend is the ever increasing first year. With 135 freshers joining the department last week, this year is no different. In fact, so big is the new intake that the buddy scheme introduction took place in the Sherffield Building?s Great Hall.

Although maybe not as visual impressive as last years? reconstruction of London on Queens? Lawn, this years? buddy scheme sees students investigating the wide ranging engineering issues associated with the 2012 London Olympics.

As a collaboration between the new first year coordinator, Dr. Catherine O?Sullivan and current department representative, 4th year Mengyi Wu, students were dispatched to various sites across London and the home counties on Friday afternoon.

To kick off the scheme the CivSoc introduction covered this year?s event and the new society committee, given by Vice Chair, Ton Van Den Bremmer (3rd Year UG). Freshers then got some lone time with the second years, who were severely outnumbered by the swelling intake.

Staff presence has been expanded on the buddy scheme, a necessity as the scale of the project has vastly increased and even includes coach transport laid on by the department.

After a quick run through by Dr. O?Sullivan first and second years were treated to a video presentation by CLM?s David Peacoup, a key player in the 2012 project.

The work orientated part of the scheme will accumulate in glossy printed posters in the next few weeks with judges from industry instilling some friendly competition amongst the buddy-based teams.

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