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Civ Eng Destroys Chemistry 4-1

Nov 15 2007 10:58
Ken Carter
In a mighty Tug-O-War competition on Friday just gone, Civ Eng gave ChemSoc a good old thrashing.
After a lot of group tugging in the dark, the third year boys were left satisfied, if not with a few burns

There was a fantastic atmosphere in Princes Gardens on. Nearly fifty Civ Eng students from 1st to 4th Year turned out to Princes Gardens last Friday for a tug-of-war against Chemistry and proceeded to dominate the poor scientists at every turn. There was some great rivalry between the two departments and a good bit of banter throughout the event. Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year plus the Girls? Team were all triumphant but unfortunately our 4th Years were narrowly beaten - it was a pretty close call though!

Some of our teams won so quickly it must have been embarrassing for the opposition. Special mentions should go to the Girls? Team and the 2nd Years for winning so decisively and in such spectacular fashion. The Chemists never knew what hit them it was over so soon!

After the tug-of-war everyone went back to the Union to enjoy the free beer bought by the respective societies. The first few minutes were a little chaotic as the Union Bars had managed to forget that we were coming despite being reminded several times. That confusion was soon ironed out though, and the evening got going for real in Dbs when the teams were let loose to show off their ?groovy moves? on the dance floor.

Later on, two girls and eight guys from Civ Eng lined up for a boat race (in the bar not on the Thames ? it?s a drinking game don?t you know!) against the same number of Chemists. No one seemed to be very sure who won this though. All of Civ Eng were sure that they won and the Chemists seemed equally convinced that they had. It was certainly a close call, but I?m personally convinced (being an impartial observer!) that we finished first; there was definitely some beer left in the last Chemist?s glass when the last of our team finished.

So thanks go to the CivSoc committee for organising this event. We had a spectacular turnout and everyone involved had a great time. This is the exactly the sort of event I want to see more of!

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