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International Trip Update

Feb 07 2008 23:47
Tom Hoskins
CivSoc Chair, Tom Hoskins, provides an insightful update to the ever popular International Trip.
We are heading to Copenhagen, you will find it on an island to the right....

With this year?s international trip fast approaching (much to my alarm), its time I bow to popular demand and start revealing some of the plans that we?ve got for Copenhagen. I don?t want to give too much away at this stage, partly because some things aren?t confirmed yet, but hopefully these snippets will give a taster of the plans for the weekend and give those who are coming along a sense of what they can expect.

We?ll be leaving college first thing on Thursday (21st Feb) morning and returning late on Sunday (24th) evening, maximising our time in Denmark. The planned itinerary will start on the Friday, so our first evening is free for you to explore the city and get straight into the nightlife! Events lined up for the weekend include a visit to the Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Danish equivalent of Imperial) where we will be given a lecture and tour after enjoying a lunch with some of their civil engineering students and a talk on the history of Danish wind energy technology from KMEK, a company that maintains a number of large wind farms ? one of which we?ll hopefully be visiting following the talk. On Saturday, it is also hoped that we?ll be having a site visit to the impressive Øresund Bridge-Tunnel crossing although this is still hanging in the balance (fingers crossed!).

As with previous CivSoc trips, evenings will be free for you to do as you wish, and we?ll be giving Sunday afternoon off for you to explore some of the historic or touristy parts of the city. The more adventurous of you may wish to take the 30min train ride across the bridge to Sweden and take in the sights and sounds of the historic town of Malmö, once part of Denmark and now home of the famous ?twisting torso? skyscraper. More free time ideas will be found in the special tour edition of Livic, following on the theme of the wittily-entitled Livique and Livek.

I hope that gives you more of a sense of what?s in store and has whetted you appetite for what will hopefully prove to be a rewarding and immensely enjoyable trip. God ferie!

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