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Ask The President - March

Mar 24 2007 17:08
John Anderson
View the March edition of Ask the President, where John Collins was asked questions about the redevelopment, elections and NUS.
Ask the President

John Collins answered a variety of questions on Tuesday, covering subjects across a broad spectrum from elections to the redevelopment and NUS. You can watch the video on the stoic tv website, or use the flash viewer below.

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Ask the President - March

This month's questions were:


  • When's dB?s going to be finished?
  • First a coffee bar, now a dance studio. What exactly is happening with the first floor of the Union building, and will it be ready before I leave in two years time?


  • Do Presidents make good returning officers?
  • After the farce of this year?s elections, what will be done to make sure next year's are more publicised and don?t descend into chaos?
  • What do you think of next year?s sabb team, and how would you have voted?


  • Do you think it is right for you to be supporting candidates in the NUS election without the agreement of Council?

Performance so far

  • After 8 months in office, do you feel the union is stronger and more in touch with its members than before?
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Discussion about “Ask The President - March”

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Mar 26 2007 18:47

The problem with this video, where it stopped 3/4 of the way through, should now be fixed.

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