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Your Chance To Ask The President

May 22 2007 12:55
John Anderson
It's that time of the month again. John Collins answers your questions on stoic tv's Ask The President.
Asking The President

The Union politics show Ask The President returns to stoic tv once again, with the Union President on hand to answer students' questions since Easter.

The March edition was the first since the sabbatical elections, and sparked debate on John Collins' combined role as President and returning officer for the elections, and the resulting farce. The President acknowledged it had created "a bad stink" and that Presidents didn't make good returning officers. He argued that now being part of the "student movement" meant that we could now learn lessons from other Unions: "every other student union in the country, pretty much, doesn't allow this to happen", he explained. "It was only when we started seeking advice that we realised how wrong we were."

Other questions covered the NUS and the continual issue of the Beit redevelopment, where future plans for dB's were discussed.

You can watch this programme online, and the full set of shows so far are available on the stoic tv website.

The April/May edition of the show is set for broadcast online and in the JCR on Monday 28th May. Questions for the President can be sent to before 3pm tomorrow (Wednesday), or can be posted in the discussion below.

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Discussion about “Your Chance To Ask The President”

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1. pg   
May 22 2007 14:04

Is this going to be the last one with John (Collins), or are we getting another AtP in June?

The answer will determine the questions!

May 22 2007 15:40

What is the union doing to help Felix publish again this term?

May 22 2007 15:43

I'd hope we can do one more in June, all being well...

May 22 2007 20:08

I would ask the presidnet who he thinks would win in a fight between Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstien, and why.

May 23 2007 12:00

Last chance for any questions... I'll need them by 3pm :)

6. pg   
May 23 2007 12:14

Prices in the walkway newsagent and in the bars appear to have increased, while levels of service are still poor. Your team had manifesto pledges to improve the bars and lower prices - what happened?

May 24 2007 15:15

why is felix so poor this year, what will be done to ensure we still get felix and why hasn't anything been done against Andy Sykes, when the VP GS got a lot of s**t?

May 24 2007 22:52

I don't know what you mean by VPGS (Shama? Someone in Guilds?) but nothing has been done against Andy because he has done his job. The quality of his job is pretty much down to personal opinion. The Felix Editor job description does not specify what a "good job" is unfortunately

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