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Your Chance To Ask The President

Nov 08 2007 09:39
John Anderson
It's back: the stoic tv show that puts your questions to the Union President, Stephen Brown.
Stephen Brown as an election candidate last year.

Stephen Brown was elected President of Imperial College Union in March. Since he took over in August, we've seen a mix of news from Beit Towers: with a successful Freshers Week and seemingly unsuccessful elections, financial problems with the bars that nevertheless remain popular. And, of course, that new £4.5k awning. More recently, the Graduate Students' Association has been made leaderless.

Is there something you're not happy with concerning these events - or anything else that the Union does (or doesn't do)? Do you think things need to change? Is the Union spending your money wisely? This is your chance to ask the person in charge.

stoic tv's Ask The President enables you to put your questions to Stephen Brown as part of a twenty-minute discussion programme. Then, on Thursday 15th November you'll be able to watch the show here on Live! and on the stoic tv website where, for those nostalgic moments, last year's shows are available too.

Questions for the President can be sent to before Monday 12th, or posted in the discussion below.

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Discussion about “Your Chance To Ask The President”

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Nov 08 2007 11:20

Why am I still being served my drinks at the Union in those horrible disposable plastic glasses?

Particularly, in light of the Union's Environmental policy that clearly states they should not be used.

2. Seb   
Nov 08 2007 13:12

On that matter, why are the glasses (the actual glass ones) so dirty? Has the bar manager been running proper training sessions?

3. JJ   
Nov 08 2007 14:33

They wash and reuse the plastic glasses specifically so that it is inline with the Environmental Policy.

4. Hmmm   
Nov 08 2007 17:24

@ JJ, the disposable plastic glasses are not washed and reused (unless they are very desperate... ie about to run out of disposable plastic skiffs as well as everything else).

As with everything, the Union has slipped back to its old ways because it's easier and nobody has told them not to, yet.

Nov 08 2007 22:11

Are you single?

Nov 10 2007 08:33

How would you rate yourself as a president compared to Mr Collins?

Nov 11 2007 21:47

How would you rate this year's Sabbs (and sabbs) compared to last years?

Nov 11 2007 22:01

Was the awning worth ?12.5k?

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