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Questions, Please, To Ask The President

Jan 25 2008 13:06
John Anderson
Just when things start getting interesting... we give you the chance to Ask The President.
Startle Stephen Brown with your Union or College-related questions.

Maybe there was a communal hangover at the start of term, but all seemed incredibly quiet around College. Very little gossip, no major blundering... could everything be running smoothly? Surely not.

This last week or two has seen events get back to their usual standards: the College announcement of the library redevelopment delays, and even the Union Council voting on its own constitution. Add to this the imminent Union elections, and a new consultation on funding Higher Education from the Union, and there's no shortage of potential queries amongst students. Now if only there was someone who could answer them...

To send in your questions to Stephen Brown, email or post in the discussion board below. The questions will be needed by Monday (28th) afternoon, and the January edition of Ask The President should be broadcast through all the usual sources (including Live!) by the end of that week - so stay tuned!

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Discussion about “Questions, Please, To Ask The President”

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Jan 25 2008 23:38

Do you believe that sabbaticals should vote as a team, even when they have opposing views? Whose view should take precedence, the President, or an officer with a larger mandate from the electorate?

2. Hmmm   
Jan 26 2008 10:34

As its election time again, do you feel you have achieved anything you promised in your manifesto?

3. HE   
Jan 27 2008 21:15

Do you think the higher education debate has been well-handled?

Jan 28 2008 14:50

Should Phase 3 been brought forward and completed before Phase 2 in order to secure a steady stream of income from the rejuvenated bars, that could have then funded Phase 2?

Jan 28 2008 16:13

how is the new situation working with regard to the College overseeing the union finances? have there been areas of serious disagreement?

Jan 29 2008 17:55

Do you think your confrontation with Mr Matthews at the start of the year has led to even more arguments in council?

7. what?   
Jan 29 2008 19:44

That's a really silly question.

Jan 29 2008 20:11

Even more silly given the deadline for questions was Monday afternoon...

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