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Your Chance To Ask The President

May 20 2008 14:41
John Anderson
It's that time again... submit your queries to Stephen Brown for stoic tv's Ask The President.
The President in full flow.

It's been a while in coming - but the first Ask The President of the term is about to get underway. stoic tv's discussion programme allows you to put your questions directly to the Union President. It's been an eventful time for the Union since Easter, so there's no shortage of issues to put to Stephen Brown.

Much of the Union's news from the last few weeks has been centred around the National Union of Students: first the NUS conference, resulting in dispondency amongst the delegates and now another referendum to decide if our £48,000 membership fee is a waste of money. However, there is much more to discuss, including student surveys, our regular foray into Union food, or how certain club/society events should be managed. Plus, of course, any other topical questions you feel you want to ask.

It's simple to take part: send your questions for the President to .com, or post in the discussion board below, by Wednesday afternoon (21st). The programme should be on Live! by the middle of the next week, so stay tuned!

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Discussion about “Your Chance To Ask The President”

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May 20 2008 15:08
  1. With ULU (and UL) on the verge of extinction, how will we be represented in London if we pull out of the NUS?
  2. What is the Union doing to ensure that service times reduce and fewer mistakes are made with the new evening catering offering?
  3. What are your feelings about the National Student Survey?
May 20 2008 16:35

Oops, ?46,000. There's always one thing I get wrong! :)

May 20 2008 16:39

As long as you remember to press record...

May 20 2008 19:29

Given the scenes at the affiliation referendum, what will the Union's stance be on campaigning regarding the NUS referendum by non IC students?

May 20 2008 22:16

LOVE the backdrop, you guys should win an award for Best Set Design... xxx

mwah from the Brown Couch

6. oooh   
May 21 2008 16:12

I've got a table just like that one in the photo!

May 21 2008 16:14

AND the same jumper as that guy interviewing Stephen!!!

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