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Ask the President - November 2008

Nov 23 2008 00:26
stoic tv
ICU President Jenny Morgan answers your questions in the November 2008 edition of Ask the President.
Ask the President
It's just not suitable for Imperial
ICU President Jenny Morgan on the NUS

Jaimie Henry takes up the reins as presenter in the November 2008 edition of stoic tv's Ask the President. Recorded on Friday 21st November 2008, Jenny Morgan answered a variety of questions from the Live! message board. Questions and topics included:

  1. Why did we spend hundreds of pounds and waste the time of nine people to go to hte NUS conference? Has the union decided what to do with the money we saved yet?
  2. What's happened to all of the water coolers?
  3. Why is the union no longer serving hot drinks?
  4. Are there any long term plans for the refurbishment of dBs?
  5. Why aren't the catering staff in the union aware of food allergies?
  6. What is happening about the union "hijacking" of the masquerade ball?
  7. What is happening with postgraduate representation?
  8. What is being done by the College and Union to bring football club under control?
  9. What will you be noticed for?
  10. Do you think the Union will be able to address problems with election advertising?

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Ask the President
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Discussion about “Ask the President - November 2008”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Nov 23 2008 01:30

Thanks Ash for putting it up.

Think the episode went well. Quite conversational and flowing.

Like the new intro? Bodged that up with Karl the other day.

Nov 23 2008 03:53

Yes Dan, I concur.

I do love spinning on my chair however.

(And my name is spelt wrong in the credits, apparently. But nevermind)

Nov 23 2008 10:24

I'm liking the intro, much better than the cheesy royalty free music we had before. I love the way Jaimie and Jen synchronise their chair swinging at 2:15.

Nov 23 2008 11:57

Some of those answers are very interesting... It would be good to get clarification of the following:

  • If the NUS conference didn't cost us anything, who paid for our delegates to travel to Wolverhampton?
  • The problem with the masquerade ball was never that free entry to the Colin Murray event was available (that had been agreed already), but that stewards being PAID by the Faculty Unions were (without ANY AGREEMENT) putting up posters advertising free entry into a different event on almost every surface, including all the windows in the MDH, in the middle of the dinner. Frankly, I would expect a written apology and the stewards to have been provided by ICU for free. If I paid someone to service my car and it came back with the garage phone number painted on the side I'd expect the service for free and the car restored to its original condition (probably with compensation). This issue doesn't seem to have been discussed anywhere.

On the food allergies front, there's a trading forum on 25th November, 5pm in Meeting Room 7 which would be a good opportunity to discuss it.

Nov 25 2008 05:27

Where can I get my coffee in the evenings? dBs has very limited opening hours! It is silly that hot drinks are not available in da Vinci's and the Union bar given that these venues have much more extended opening times. I can get coffee anywhere on campus during the day. The Union was, up until recently, the only place to get food or drink in the evenings and unless I am mistaken this is not available from dBs.

6. to 5.   
Nov 25 2008 15:21

library cafe, vending machines in sherfield

Nov 30 2008 13:40

Well she seems to be quite uninterested in the water issue - making a stupid flippant comment about kids in Africa as a comparison. Dumb. I suppose that's what happens when a welfare type gets in power - "nothing local level matters when there's so much ill in the world.. boo hoo". F**k that, I want free water back in the JCR!

Nov 30 2008 14:35

Just go to the SCR, they aren't going to be so stingy as to stop someone going in there to just get a glass of water!

9. omg   
Nov 30 2008 14:50

what a flippant sarcastic bitch

Nov 30 2008 14:52

are not served on the weekends fool. ugh

11. FFS   
Nov 30 2008 15:10

As if the Union President should give a c**p about a couple of watercoolers in a couple of departments. Thats what year and dep reps are for.

She's right anyway, get a bottle and use a tap you lazy gits.

Dec 01 2008 01:22

@ FFS: It's not about Departments, it's about College - the Union should be looking out for things like this as they can liase. It's above year and dep rep level.

Use a tap? What tap? The Library one is always bust and they f**king REMOVED the one in the SAF. Toilet taps - wouldn't trust what comes out of there any more than the c**p spewing from the President's mouth.

13. poor   
Dec 01 2008 02:15

Surely you should just use your money to buy overpriced mineral water from the JCR?

I mean, like, doesent everyone have a trustfund???

14. Karl   
Dec 01 2008 16:44

I don't understand the problem, if you want water, get it from a tap. Using taps in the toilets is hardly going to kill you, it doesn't need to be from a water cooler. There are far more important things the Sabbs could be lobbying college about. And if you want tea or coffee there's a vending machine in Sherfield or go to a cafe, theres plenty of them around South Ken. If the union bars didn't offer any non-alcoholic beverages I could understand people complain, but there's plenty to choose from!

Dec 04 2008 13:23

Ah well failry standard stuff nothing of real interest in the Q&A for anyone aside from hacks

Dec 04 2008 13:32

So ask a question of interest to you? The questions came from reader/viewer submissions.

Dec 05 2008 11:45

To all the naysayers about water fountains, it IS an issue - especially in SAF.

Biosoc are on the way to sorting it however, so our dear President can relax and go on making dismissive supercillious remarks once again...

18. Jen   
Dec 05 2008 17:22

In reference to the water fountains, I honestly did not know this was an issue when the interview was recorded, and I apologise profusely for coming across as sarcastic. Now that I know this is an issue I have a meeting lined up with the Head of Building Operations to discuss putting water fountains where they can reasonably be expected, but aren?t currently. If you know of places where they were and have now disappeared let me know. Likewise if you want them in places where they haven?t been before, then please let me know.

19. @18   
Dec 05 2008 18:40

Can we have beer fountains Jenny? PLEEEEEASE

I know lots of places where I'd want one of those.

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