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Beit Dungeons

26 Jun 2007 10:54

Beit Dungeons refers to the West and East wing basements of the Beit Quadrangle. But, as with Beit Towers it is more a state of mind than a collection of rooms. The word "Dungeon" is used to describe the lack of natural light, but also several hellish tortures take place down there, such as ICRADIO, stoic tv and the Sci-Fi library. The East wing basement has a permanent, unexplained, horrible smell.

The most notable room in Beit Dungeons must be the Student Activities Centre (SAC). In SAC you will find a relativly static group of clubsy people checking their emails, gossiping, leaking secrets to passers bye, chatting to Aziz, pretending to work behind the reception desk, putting post in pigeon holes, quite often sleeping, eating cake, drinking tea and generally being nice, fluffy people (unless they are a CSC chair/treasurer and a club comes to them with money problems). From this description you may be excused in thinking that the Dungeons sound like a kinder, friendlier version of the Towers, and this is essentially true. It is not unusual for people to be promoted from the dungeons to the towers, for example 3/4 of the 2007/8 Sabb team are regular SACites.

For some reason the Clubs and Societies staff (Boss, Administrator, BUSA) have also been banished to the dungeons, those it is hoped that there will be a reconciliation via the Beit Masterplan. No such hope for the Felix team however, they will forever have a place in the dungeons. The Felix office is a truely horrible place. There is a nice space with lots of expensive computers, and then a dingy, damp back room with lots of rotten furniture and old Felixs. The absolute worst thing about it though is that you quite often find the Felix Editor down there.

Other rooms in Beit Dungeons include a labarynth of storage rooms and RAG office, Chaplaincy, Student Advisor (everyone leaves happy when they leave Beit Dungeons), a few meeting rooms, Media common room and the PhotoSoc dark room. Yup, even darker.