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Beit Towers

26 Jun 2007 10:41

Beit Towers usually refers to the Union offices on the first floor of the Union building, and not so much the lofty heights further up the building, where you find little but empty rooms and snooker tables. However, more than this it is a state of mind, a place of safety for those in "power" and a place of suspicion for Random Student.

Beit Towers is the lair of the central union Sabbatical officers. Rumour has it the Felix editor once resided up here, but was banished to Beit Dungeons in a moment of biblical rage on the Presidents part. Beit Towers is where the Sabbs go to hide away from the student body, and hence unsurprisingly they are nearly always there. Take a stroll past their offices and you will find them frantically writing emails/checking Facebook, chatting, drinking tea, closing their doors when they hear a student coming, bickering, lovemaking, crying, smashing things, power trippin' and once in a while sleeping.

You also find a few staff up here, such as the General Manager, Governance Administrator (no, not John Collins), Entertainments Manager, Communication Manager and most of the Finance Department.

There is also a reception (but who uses that?) and a very classy staff room. If the Beit Masterplan is ever completed Beit Towers will be relocated higher up the building.