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List of Liveoholics!

03 Feb 2009 00:37

Everyone on this list is Liveoholic!. To change this list, use the login box at the top right of the page to login with your College username and password (if you are a current student at Imperial), then click the "Edit" link at the bottom right. Others may contact the the Editor to have their name added to this list. Remeber to grade yourself and others on the Liveoholic! scale.


  • My name is Ashley Brown, and I'm a Level 12 Liveoholic!
  • My name is Kirsty Patterson, and Ashley says I'm a Level 12 Liveoholic! I think I'm a Level 1 Liveoholic!. This is probably just denial.
  • My name is John James, and I'm a Level 11 Liveoholic!.
  • My name is Nichola Hawkins, and I'm a Recovering Level 12 Liveoholic!. Posting this probably constitutes a relapse.

Sighted in the wild

  • Jennifer Morgan, Level 10
  • Elizabeth Hyde, Level 10
  • David Charles, Level 9
  • Victoria Gibbs, Level 10
  • Nick Simpson, Level 11
  • Rosie Smithells, Level 10
  • Lawrence Weetman, Level 12
  • Andrew Holland, Level 11
  • John James, recovering Level 11 now Level 10