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18 Mar 2010 15:31

Mascotry is a game of skill, cunning and often brute force which was played for many years by university students to raise money for RAG. It mostly died out over the last 15 or so years, surviving fleetingly at Imperial with inter-Faculty Union games.

Each team has a mascot, generally a heavy piece of metal in a relevant form (see Theta, Davy, Spanner and Bolt). Mascots may be "violate", where taking them is permitted, or "inviolate", where taking them is considered theft.

The Aim of Mascotry

Mascotry exists to provide some friendly rivalry while raising money for RAG. Those teams currently in the game make attempts to "violate" (i.e. steal, but with permission) the mascots of other teams. When they have done so they must issue a ransom, which is an amount of money to be donated to RAG for the safe return of the mascot. Occasionally other demands may be made, or the monetary donation substituted for blood donation or similar.

The Current Situation

Unfortunately, Guilds are the only ones playing fair at the moment... with the CGCU being the only Faculty Union to actually ever display its mascots at events, where they are invariably captured.