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No Confidence

22 Jan 2008 01:25

What is it?

A "Motion" discussed at ICU Council, signed by a number of people, stating that they believe a particular individual is failing to properly do their job. The motion is voted on by Council and if successful, the person concerned is dismissed immediately.

Why Bother?

No-one's really sure. To "No-Confidence" someone requires a huge amount of teamwork and balls the size of footballs. Every attempt at a No-Confidence in the past 10 years has failed or been down-graded to a Censure because half the voting members of Council chickened out.

You have to be incredibly sure of yourself or extremely arrogant before trying this stunt, because if it doesn't work you end up looking like a complete and utter twunt.

Or you have to believe that the Union is really decromcratic and not a dictatorship of the spineless minority... either way... try to hold a sh!t officer accountable and you face an up hill struggle with bureaucracy, back-scratching and laziness.