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19 Jun 2007 13:23

What is it?

A Sabbatical is a student who is elected by the other members of the Student body and serves a year in a particular post. For this, they are paid a nominal salary.

Who is it?

There are 5 Sabbatical Officers who are elected by cross-campus ballot as student representatives. They are distinct from the other sabbaticals in that they are Officers of the Union


Top Dog. Ultimate Decision Maker. Chief Meeting Monkey. Whenever the College wants Student input (or wants to appear like they are asking for student input) this is the guy they ask. Rule of thumb: if the President isn't in their Office at 9pm feverishly cranking out paperwork, they're not doing their job.

Deputy President (Finance and Services) - DPFS

Second Fiddle. Tight Fisted One. Chief Do'er. Controls all the money the Union spends and all the services it provides (Bars, Shops, Catering, Rooms). This post is traditionally filled by a geek who is process orientated and incredibly anal. Favourite word: No!

Deputy President (Clubs and Societies) - DPCS

Party Sabb. People Person. This one looks after all the clubs and societies the Union operates. Spends a lot of time pressing flesh in the bar. Traditionally they have been sports-people as they possess the best bar etiquette. Most often heard saying: My Round!

Deputy President (Education and Welfare) - DPEW

Fluffy One. Chief Moaner. This one looks after students who are being kicked out for smoking crack in the JCR and ones who haven't done an ounce of work in their life while simultaneously promoting safe sex. They also represent more deserving causes to College. Best Quality: Being prone to excessive passionate shouting.

Deputy President (Graduate Students) - DPGS

Old One. Educated Sabb. This one has a nebulous remit. They do bits of the DPEW job and bits of the DPCS job, historically managing to do neither very well. They are the ultimate representative (if you don't count the President who's been doing the job for about 70 years) of PhD and MSc students. Favourite Position: Anywhere but at Council being no-confidenced.

Other sabbaticals

There are two other sabbatical positions, (little "s" this time) who either don't represent all students or aren't a representative at all.

Felix Editor

Chief Gossip Monger, (latterly) Chief Pornographer. This one goes out each week and finds interesting news or makes some up. Usually prints a couple of A4 sheets a week, calls it Felix and then pads it with Music and Film Reviews and Adverts like NME. Favourite Activity: Lying (down).

ICSM President

Arrogant One. This one does the same job as all the other Faculty Presidents, but takes a year off and gets paid for it. Not a bad thing if you're paying for a 6 year degree as there's only so much sperm you can donate. Biggest Flaw: Personality