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Tallents, Seb

02 May 2007 16:35

Physics PhD III, graduated Physics MSCi 2004; Former Chairman Depsocs CSC (2002/3); Former Ordinary Member of Council (2003/4); Delegate to ULU (2003/4); Member of ICU Tution Fees Working Group (2002/3 2003/4). Spent four years at Imperial doing an MSci in Physics, and stayed on to do a PhD. Currently exiled from Imperial to a government lab out near Oxford, he remains an IC student and tries to spend as much time in London as possible. Seb was drawn into "hackery" by way of club and society activities, which he has been involved in from the first few months at imperial. He believes club and society activity is the bedrock of the ICU's success. That said, what drew him into beit towers and involvement with Council and full blown "Hacks" was the tuition fees campaign.