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RAG plan Circle Line-less pub crawl

Jan 28 2005 18:08
Simon Scrapmetal
RAG have planned their Circle Line pub crawl for a day when the Circle Line is closed.
The Tube...where would we be without it...

Plans for Imperial College RAG week are now well underway, with posters advertising the week?s main events now going up around the South Kensington campus. The week will take place from 7th to 12th February, with events including the traditional RAG Raid, C&G Slave Auction and other exciting things.

Question marks have recently surfaced however over the timing of the ?Circle Line Pub Crawl? for Saturday 12th February ? a day where, according to Transport for London the Circle and District lines will be suspended for engineering work.

RAG Chair Chris Jackson is believed to have recently become aware of this minor issue and is considering what can be done, although he did remark that ?most people tend to walk anyway?.

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Discussion about “RAG plan Circle Line-less pub crawl”

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Jan 28 2005 20:04

Muppets. in my day...

2. Rg   
Jan 28 2005 20:11

Isn't the point to collect MONEY on the TRAINS hence WALKING probably not a good plan...if you want to come on a real Circle Line Pub Crawl, there's one on Saturday starting at Sth Ken or Paddington from 11am ;)

Jan 28 2005 21:07

Note that it *is* still illegal to collect on the trains themselves...

4. C!   
Jan 28 2005 21:52

And it is still illegal to be drunk on the tube:

"No person in a state of intoxication shall enter or remain on the railway."

4.1 of the byelaws at

Jan 29 2005 10:02

Hmm, John, muppets you say? Lets not mention the ?300 dept you left RAG in at the start of the year.

Just to reassure you all, a pub crawl will still be taking place based on the circle line, I'm off out to spend the day researching the alternatives, its a hard job but someone has to do it (A replacement bus service pub crawl may not have the same ring to it but must be possible!)

As for railway bylaws, erm, ah well, this is RAG after all!

Jan 29 2005 10:10

Rg, ICU RAG has never encouraged collecting on tube trains as this is illegal. The collecting takes place in the pubs with the landlords consent and on the streets in between, so I see no reason why walking would be a problem. I walked most of the time when I did these monstrous pub crawls in the past.

Jan 29 2005 13:10

And in my day....ummm nevermind that. Raggies don't respect da authorraataah, collect where you like and get the RAG chair into loads of trouble ;-)

Jan 29 2005 15:48

in response to "Rg"'s comments both here and elsewhere on this site:

Which (non-medic) Faculty Union printed out 300 booklets for today's Medics' Circle Line pub crawl last night at hardly any notice and at great inconvenience to the students involved?

Not that we don't mind helping our fellow Ragsters at all, we just expect a little bit more courtesy and a little less sarcasm from those who we have helped.

Jan 29 2005 17:00

Did the medics realise the circle line was shut for their pub crawl before they got to it?

10. C!   
Jan 30 2005 23:53

Ermm, it wasn't.

It's the real RAG who's pub crawl is when the circle line is closed. The medics crawl (yesterday) was when the circle line was open...

11. Hmm   
Jan 31 2005 01:50

Lol. What a bunch of muppets! Even the medics can get it right!

Moral of the story? RAG chairs shouldn't have a social life until after RAG....

Jan 31 2005 10:19

funnier than that, on the union callendar RAG is down as doing the Monopoly pub crawl anyway...

Jan 31 2005 16:05

Its not my fault that ICU is inept and can't read.

14. pinky   
Feb 01 2005 02:03

maybe you should do the monopoloy board since the circle line is closed - then you can use bus and shoe! and alot more interesting than the other used circle line pubcrawl. get everyone to take photos at each monopoly site! come on guys - use your imagination!

Feb 01 2005 02:24

Sadly, both Monopoly and the Circle Line crawls are both something of a cliche. The real fun comes in the irregularities.

Completing the Circle Line pub crawl when the line is closed would be a feat worthy of legend (I am assured it *is* possible!), imagine the feeling of triumph and the things you'll see.

Feb 01 2005 12:18

We did think about Monopoly as an option and then again when we heard about the circle line, sadly getting the extra collecting permits to cover the wider area is a time consuming and frustrating experience which we were sadly unable to complete.

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