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Bike Auction a "resounding success"

Jan 28 2005 20:26
Killer Rabbit
An auction of unclaimed bicycles raised over ?1000 this lunchtime.
With rising bus and tube fares one of these could be even more of a bargain.

This lunchtime at 1 pm, a 50-strong crowd gathered in Beit Quad hoping for a bargain in the form of one of the long-abandoned bicycles that had been left there.

The event was organised by the Cyclist's Co-operative, formed from the cycle users group which was initially set up to promote cyclists' issues around College and campaign for better cycle rack provision but is now focusing on a repairs and tools co-operative offering practical; help to the student cyclists.

All the bicycles were "sold": bargain of the day was one old blue bike claimed for the grand sum of £0.00, whilst the prize item, a nearly-new mountain bike, went for £140.

Organiser Ben Jefferys said, "The auction was an outstanding success. The total raised is over £1000, which is just astonishing. All of this will be ploughed into the forthcoming Cyclist's Co-op to the benefit of cyclists and cycling at Imperial College.

"Good news for cyclists and the environment!"

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Discussion about “Bike Auction a "resounding success"”

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Jan 29 2005 12:26

Will the Union be holding a "Sabb Auction" ?

Jan 29 2005 14:59

But who'd want to buy them?

Jan 29 2005 16:51

The C&G slave Auction has been scheduled for 10th February... whether any Sabbs come forward remains to be seen.

(I myself may be making excuses following last year's "experience"...)

Jan 29 2005 17:18

You needn't worry about saying anything about last year. I think it's a good thing they moved it from the JCR. I don't normally have a habit of eating plastic!

This year, I've made the point of purchasing a bunker. That way I'll have somewhere to hole-up where I can be safe.

Jan 29 2005 19:53

The exact line up is yet to be decided, mainly because Tsunami related issues have reduced rag week to being planed in less than 2 weeks.

I can however say that building a bunker will not get you out of it Ed.

Also, I thought it was you Nichola that led to Mr Collins' embarasment last year? Or did I view the video wrong?

Finally, anyone using Farce! campaigns or hustings as an excuse may well be dealt with at hustings anyway following an invite from the returning officer to RAG to assist the proceedings.

Jan 29 2005 21:41

You haven't seen the escape pod yet Chris ....

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