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Internship Centre visit BBC.

Feb 04 2005 16:14
Chris McIver
An excellent and very technical trip which cannot be explained in words, but I?m giving it a go anyway.
Behind the 'Televison Centre' Wall is the centre's biggest studio.

On Wednesday afternoon a limited number of the 200 students who?d applied for the CGCU Internship Centre's BBC trip met at Television Centre and took part in a amazing back stage tour. Ordinarily this would probably not be newsworthy, had it not been for the quality of the staff we met and the time they dedicated to us- this was no ordinary tour!

We started in a meeting with Micheal Bell who used to do graduate recruitment for the BBC, nothing out of the ordinary there then? He started by explaining about the BBC?s broadcasting team- by this I mean the people responsible for streaming data around the world, from outside broadcast vans, studios, war zones to television Centre or elsewhere via cable or satellite and then broadcasting it to people's homes. They?ve recently been contracted to Siemens and the person talking to us is soon to become the head of recruitment for Siemens (I presume in the UK, but I could be wrong). If you know what Siemens do for engineering you?ll realise this significance (I could research a list but it?d be longer than the article).

So, how close did they let us get to the big toys they use to process this data? From the satellite dishes sending and receiving information to the touch screens in the main control room there?s not much we haven?t seen- and there?s a lot to see. Huge satellite dishes; modulators, amplifiers; data transmission matrices; quaternary phase shift keying encoding; the shear mass of data cabling be it co-axisial, tri-axial (which confusingly has 5 transmission lines- go figure), copper wave-guides (pipes) or optical; and the contrast of digital cutting edge and 1960s irreplaceablity is second to none. This was a VERY technical tour and all the better for it!

We then spent another couple of hours discussing everything from the failure of satellites to data transmission in Wales. It got to seven-thirty in the evening before we thought we should let our hosts go home. I could continue for pages but you really had to be there and there?s another point I?d like to make.

This trip came about by collaboration from Anne Baarup, a volunteer Internship Center Co-ordinator and Peter Chase, a CGCA (engineering alumni) member who works at the BBC. The CGCA has a huge number of members and many of them are more than happy to help students get an idea of an industry, be it through a one day event such as this, a summer internship, focused graduate recruitment or simply a discussion.

Yesterday Dramsoc ran its second backstage tour of the Albert Hall and saw the vast new underground complex created in the last few years' building work, and the extensive modifaction made to the venue by Circue du Soleil and the odd choice of suspending a huge section of the stage from the ceiling. This was arranged by Dramsoc Alumni Etienne Pollard and DramSoc President Martin Chong.

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Discussion about “Internship Centre visit BBC.”

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1. Ag   
Feb 08 2005 20:54

How did they decide which students got to go on this? Name out of a hat type thing?

Nov 09 2007 09:19

Anyone here who can helpme get an internship placement with BBC, contact me at .com

Dec 04 2007 11:24


I am doing my Masters in Communication Studies from University Of Pune.If you could tell me about opportunity of an internship programme in India,Iwould be greatful to you.

Thanking you,

Mrinmoy Bhattacharjee

Dec 06 2007 19:41

Hi everyone!

I am french and i m wondering if there is any opportunity for me to do an internship at BBC, in a french department? Does any one can tell me with whom I could get in touch with?

Thank you!!



Dec 06 2007 22:27

Hello people!

I am also interested in gatting a paid internship on BBC. If there's anybody who knows something about this, please contact me.


Cristina B

6. kate   
Dec 07 2007 16:39

BBC don't do paid internships. they are unpaid and really competitive, just search internships or work experience on the bbc website for the details.

Jan 21 2008 14:08

Hello every body, i'am a student in an audiovisual school in France.I'am looking for an internship on BBC.I have to do it in order to fill my studies.If some one knows how i can have this chance,please let me know.Thank you all very much.

Jan 21 2008 22:24

huh? Why so many comments on my 3 year old article?

At the time of writing there were about 100 technical jobs available each year and imperial grads from any dept would be looked upon favourably because they know we're all good. If interested in that line of work joint STOIC and you've got a fair chance.

I don't think there ever were any actual internships, sorry.

9. Ant   
Jan 21 2008 22:34

Chris aren't you happy with the interest your article has brought...even if so much later.

will this grow to be the new "Oster card discussion"?

Jan 21 2008 22:36

Let's hope this doesn't turn into another oyster card discussion. Or maybe it will, and we can all get some amusement!

Jan 21 2008 22:36

Beat me to it ant!

Jan 23 2008 15:24

Hi All,

I am looking for an internship placement at the BBC. If anyone knows anything about it please contact me on .uk

Jan 23 2008 15:38

Don't post here if you want in internships, go to the BBC internships page

Jan 23 2008 16:38

The first link for a google search of "bbc internships" is this page!

Feb 07 2008 14:27

i'm an Honours One student, Mass Communication Department. is it possible for me to do internship at the BBC. As part of the requirement for the degree, I should do an internship from the 1st August to the 31st December this year.

Feb 07 2008 14:55

As a communications student maybe you should learn to read!

Mar 28 2008 09:13

I am studying for Bsc Honors in Mass Communication at the Fourah Bay College in Freetown and would like to do my internship program at the BBC. I would be grateful if I could be given further information to the effect.

Many thanks

E.J.B. Wilkinson

Mar 31 2008 13:36

This is perhaps one of the most entertaining comment threads on live...

Mar 31 2008 14:13

And for some weird reason my Skype thing recognises the first 6 dates of each comment on this thread as a phone number, madness I tell ya all!

May 16 2008 10:49

Hello I'm Emrah from Turkey...I graduated from Bachelor of Communication Radio-TV-Movie...I would like to internship in BBC...Thank You so much...Have lovely days

May 16 2008 14:05

and suddenly it becomes clear... by typing "BBC Internship Centre" you get Live! as the number one result.

May 16 2008 14:08

Or, indeed, just "bbc internship".

23. Maria   
May 19 2008 19:32

Hallo, am a university graduate and my major was in print journalism. Am wondering if i can get internship placement in BBC so that i acquire some good skills.

May 19 2008 19:42

Reading is a useful skill.

As is the ability to use correct grammar.

Acquire them and get back to us.

May 20 2008 00:46

I am interested in working in children's television.

I have considerable experience from my bioengineering degree in the integration of video displays into abdomens, and am interested in developing this concept perhaps into a television show. I also have contacts in space physics who are working on sun-infant integration.

Looking forward to your reply.

26. Mev   
Aug 16 2008 20:35


is there any chances to get a internship placementas as a Make up Artist for few months at BBC...

Aug 16 2008 22:27

This is hilarious!

The BBC should monitor this thread at least to blacklist these idiots!

Sep 21 2008 05:05

hiii i just wanna know the procedures to apply for internship through online... and on what basis they shotlist the students,. especially those applying from abroad(iam from india) doing my ?MA broadcast communication

Sep 21 2008 09:48

hmm - on balance, I <b>like</b> 'shotlist'

Sep 21 2008 10:50

They put you on the shotlist depending on the price of ammunition. Given that you (like many others) are obviously unable to read (proved by you writing in this thread), you will be quite high up. Congratulations!

Sep 26 2008 09:44

We got a couple of Imperial students doing internships at our company this year. So yeah, the concept still works!

Sep 26 2008 11:46

Hi, I would like to apply for an internship at Channal 4. Can I get the form sent to me by email?

33. Flower   
Sep 26 2008 18:20

Can I have two? Greedy?

Nov 25 2008 19:05

hi there, am a film student looking for work placement at bbc. not keen on pay just want work experience. kindly contact me on my email or mobile no - 07947126854.

Nov 27 2008 21:40

what a failure. Doesn't speak to highly of the "intelligence" of the average media student.

Nov 27 2008 21:54

Lovette is basically asking me to ring her up and promise her a job. That would be soul crushing. Which makes it all the more irresistible.

37. Fonzie   
Nov 27 2008 22:38

Must stop myself from sms bombing......

Mar 04 2009 12:42

OMG! this is hilarious! i know the thread is quite old but i was cracking up reading how many people were aksing for internships while you kept posting *wrong site*!!!! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA ohhh desperation...first i was like ahhh these poor sods don't live in the uk then some idio posted a uk mobile number!

Feb 02 2010 17:23

hehehe...I truly agree wid d person above dis thread was really funny... I knw its crazy to post a reply aftr a year since d last post but can't help it...n yeah when u put in d search words BBC internship .. u get a link to dis site guys...soo don't be so mean...!!

Nd to carry on d tradition ... i need an internship/scholarship .. something that will help me enhance my broadcast experience wer do i go??


Feb 04 2010 10:54

@ Marisha.

I suggest you look for somewhere where you can learn how to write English before embarking on a search for an internship.

Once you've done that, try this:

Mar 28 2010 04:10

I love this.

Apr 14 2010 08:27

I despritely looking for an internship in radio production.if you have an program or information abuot any internship program than please inform to me.

Apr 14 2010 10:47

I can tell you from first hand experience, the BBC doesn't look at this site for potential employees.

44. arti   
Apr 19 2010 12:46


I have complected my Masters in Communication Studies from University Of mumbai in journalism .If you could tell me about opportunity of an internship programme in India,Iwould be greatful to you

my email id is: .in

thanking you


45. ...   
Apr 19 2010 13:00

Hi Arti,


Best Regards.

46. hira   
Apr 24 2010 12:57

i am student of electronic media...i really want to do internship in BBC..plz let me knw

Jul 20 2010 15:23

Hey i am from kolkata, india. Can anyone tell me where i can get an internship in kolkata with BBC? please contact me at .com

Jul 20 2010 22:34

Ah, that time of the year again, right?

49. Mamta   
Nov 11 2010 06:33


I?m from Mumbai doing my Masters in Communication and Journalism from University Of Pune. I am also simultaneously undergoing PG in Broadcasting & Journalism from MIT, Pune. I would be grateful for an internship programme with BBC in Mumbai. Please contact me at .com

Thanking you,

Mamta Murali

50. ...   
Apr 15 2011 13:25

HAHA! This just made my day! oh dear lord.... brilliant

Well, I shall now return to doing some PROPER research into internship opportunities and actually READ the information

Jun 10 2011 07:03

The mail you advised us to use for July internship is not working what may be the problem?

Am interested to get some training with your organisation.

Jun 14 2011 17:23

... glad to see that Live! is not quite dead ....

Jun 30 2011 12:26

Maybe Live! should start offering some of these applicants an unpaid internship to write Live! articles- though I wouldn't be too optimistic about the standard of journalism from someone who can't tell that this is not the BBC website.

Feb 01 2012 17:51

hi iam a ghanaian .a diploma in broadcast journalism holder from the institute of commercial management uk,bournemouth.iam also a graduete of the ghana broadcasting corporation radio and television school iam currentiy working as a producer at aprivate tv station in ghana called kktv.could you plsease grant me some few months of internship at your reputable establipment

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