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Election results put on hold in most inclusive ballot ever

Feb 16 2005 14:19
Killer Rabbit
Once again, the announcement of ICU Sabbatical election results has been delayed while complaints are dealt with.
Hopefully this delay will be shorter than last year's...

The results of this year's hotly contested ICU Sabbatical Elections were due to be announced this evening at 7pm in dBs. With a record turnout of something over 2800 students voting, this promises to be an exceptional year for getting students involved in the Sabbatical Elections and for ensuring calls for representation are met.

However, following several complaints, some serious, throughout the election time, the results are now due to be announced at tomorrow evening's Council meeting instead with a live count at the beginning. Returning Officer Mustafa Arif has assured students that "Complaints are being dealt with, and will be resolved before any count," blaming the delays in informing those involved on a "backlog of emails." The election's committee has been conviened this afternoon to discuss and respond to the various complaints. Some of these complaints are believed to include the posting of candidates' publicity around departmental computer rooms, raising the question of whether computers constitute ballot boxes in an online election; and problems with voters' logins and the consequent extension of voting by twelve hours until noon today.

Following his mass email of the college electoral body yesterday, Mr Arif issued an email to the candidates at 9am this morning informing them of the extension. This was to do with problems with logins for some students, most of which turned out to be that they did not know their correct ICT login password that was required in order to login. As these several hundred emails were responded to overnight, he took it upon himself to extend the voting to ensure they would have ample time to read his reply and then vote. At the candidates meeting this lunchtime, all the candidates opposed this action but they were powerless to oppose the action as voting had closed by then. Colin Smith, presidential candidate, also raised an issue regarding the security of the ballot, and demanded that the votes be able for inspection and a hand count. Mr Arif responded that in all elections, they are subject to abuse and assured Mr Smith that an online ballot is more secure as less people have access to the information.

The announcement of results is now at the top of the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, which will begin at 7pm in the Union Dining Hall.

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Discussion about “Election results put on hold in most inclusive ballot ever”

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1. H@t   
Feb 16 2005 15:19

Ooooh. I like this constitutional change business. Without considering the actual content, the method is most worthy.

One bit at a time. fix the problems, dont just screw it up. Nice. And saves all a lot of time.....

Feb 16 2005 15:27

The infamous "Elections not farce" declaration may have been made too soon...

3. Me   
Feb 16 2005 19:39

Blame it on Colin Smith posting over 100 flyers "on" the actually computer screen in the DoC labs

Feb 16 2005 20:30

Is Mr Smith formulating another McCarthynistic conspiracy theory?

Feb 17 2005 01:16

who is the favourite?

are there any exit polls.

As a final year i don;t really care but voted against colin though, because frankly he will make our union a laughing stock with his loony left ideas? anyone got an idea what is happening?

6. Cap   
Feb 17 2005 10:20

So basically the 'technical issues' were yet again to do with the inability of (probably DoC) students to know their college usernames and passwords..

Wonderful, maybe someone should sit them all down in front of a computer at start of first year and show them how to change it to something memorable.

Feb 17 2005 10:21

Colin is radical, but he might pull the college back towards the centre. At the moment the college is just whoring itself to any corporation with big bucks; it seems to have lost sight of any social responsibility. The great college founders must be rolling in their graves.

8. Stats   
Feb 17 2005 10:34

Is there going to be a breakdown of which groups voted? ie. What proportion of each year group voted (and how many postgrads)? What proportion of each department voted? How many people outside of the South Ken campus voted? ... These statistics might indicate which groups are being left-out by the Union, and it could help target potential voters next year.

Feb 17 2005 12:44

so when do the results get announced?

maybe we could invite peter snow to do a presentaion??????????????????????/

Feb 17 2005 12:51

From the article above, last para:

"The announcement of results is now at the top of the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, which will begin at 7pm in the Union Dining Hall."

Feb 17 2005 20:01

"So basically the 'technical issues' were yet again to do with the inability of (probably DoC) students to know their college usernames and passwords.."

It certainly didn't stop them filling out SOLE, did it? I think it'd be safe to say that DoC has worked out a way around that problem now.

Feb 17 2005 20:37

The ICU election system is written to authenticate against the IC domain, which is why DoC students cannot login to it with their own local department passwords.

13. BigHal   
Feb 17 2005 20:46

Congrats to Sameena, although I voted for Colin. I don't know why people say think he has loony ideas just because he is a lefty. I saw interviews with the candidates on STOIC and he was the most impressive.

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