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ICU Sabbatical Election Results

Feb 17 2005 19:36
Results of the 2005 ICU Sabbatical Elections in detail.

Following delays while difficulties relating to IC logins were resolved, election results were announced at last night's (Thursday's) Council meeting, just 24 hours after they were scheduled to be announced in contrast with recent years.

Before the results were announced, returning officer Mustafa Arif informed the elections committee and the rest of Council and observers of the status of all candidates' complaints. One of the DP(F&S) candidates, Robin Avery, had withdrawn due to complaints that some of those students listed as his seconders had not given consent for this. Complaints regarding publicity, against one Felix and one Presidential candidate had been withheld, but this had resulted in summary punishment in the form of a fine rather than disqualification. Finally, one complaint of campaign sabbotage by a presidential candidate could not be acted upon as there was no evidence as to who was responsible for the removal of their publicity.

With the final outstanding Statement of Intent handed in, the electronic count, using the Electoral Reform Society's ESTV software, was carried out live at the meeting. Live! is now able to bring to you the following results (votes in brackets indicate valid votes, this does not therefore include abstentions):

President [2483 votes]:

  • Sameena Misbahuddin ELECTED
  • Morten Olesen
  • James Devine
  • Colin Smith
  • Simon Rawson
  • New Election


Deputy President - Finance & Services [1729 votes]:

  • Tim Aplin ELECTED
  • Edward Piggott
  • New Election
  • Robin Avery - withdrawn


Deputy President - Clubs & Societies [1803 votes]:

  • Simon Matthews ELECTED
  • James Thatcher
  • New Election


Deputy President - Education & Welfare [1954 votes]:

  • Sarah Khatib ELECTED
  • Aleksandra Corr
  • New Election


Felix Editor [2086 votes]:

  • Rupert Neate ELECTED
  • Darius Nikbin
  • Simon Clark
  • Martin Smith
  • New Election


A very high turnout was indeed celebrated, with the number of students voting announced at council standing at 2826. This indeed makes it one of the most impressive successes in election history, indeed beating the record number in the last council elections held online at the start of the year (that standing at just over 1000). For a more statistical approach, the graph available here shows the cumulative votes cast over time. The sharp rise was when Mr Arif issued a voter wide email reminding students of the reasons why it is important to vote. The number of votes cast during the slightly controversial extension stands roughly at the 320 mark.

Later in that meeting, Fatima Raun was elected to the vacated part-time post of Equal Opportunities Officer, and Lucy Abbott was elected to a vacant Ordinary Member seat on Council.

The meeting also narrowly voted for a motion to amend the Constitution to prevent 2-year Sabbaticals (the motion having been amended in the meeting to allow Ms Misbahuddin to take up her position next year), with 25 votes in favour compared to 11 against and 4 abstentions only just making the quota required of a two thirds majority for Constitutional Amendments. This motion shall be taken for a second reading at the next council meeting.

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Discussion about “ICU Sabbatical Election Results”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 17 2005 19:46


And no huge farce... I'm impressed!

Feb 17 2005 19:46

Congratulations to the winners, Sameena in particular!

A relatively smooth election it seems ... very nice indeed.

3. Hmm   
Feb 17 2005 21:54

Somebody kill me now. Ok, maybe not me, but certain future sabbs...

Was disappointed to see the display made by a certain F&S candidate though.

4. Bob   
Feb 17 2005 22:04

A thoroughly ordinary set of Sabbs. I would love to be proved wrong but it's a bit like hoping to find santa in your easter egg.

Well done for the turnout though. Does make a pleasent change.

Feb 17 2005 22:25

well, if u think they are ordinary why didn't run for the elections...hummm??

so keep your mouth shut, we worked hard for the elections, and we deserve to win!!!!

Success is sweet and not everyone will taste it tonight!

i am off clebrating with your new DP F&S

love you all xxx

Feb 17 2005 22:27

My observation is that not a lot of people knew who to vote for president, but must of them knew who not to vote (see celebratory comment above)

Feb 17 2005 23:46

Ok Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Rev c,

Without a clear distinction between the candidates for people that don't know them personally (especially for President), how are most people supposed to tell who to vote for except for the manifestos and hustings? I'll be damned if I could spot more that two options in the Presidential race (left wing nutjob or 4xICU Standard issue candidate Mk 1) from the avaliable sources. All of them promise more or less the same thing in most (if not all) areas, so for most people it boils down to "whose manifesto do I like the most" not "who do the union hacks think will be the best pres/DPFS/tea lady".

Unless you (the Union hacks) find a better way to get more info to us (the voters), don't complain if we vote in the "wrong" candidate.

Feb 18 2005 00:14

I said the same thing mate.

Feb 18 2005 00:20


Sorry mate, I took your original comment as union hack moaning about voter intelligence and the result ;-)

Feb 18 2005 01:14

So how do you think the election should be handled?

11. editor   
Feb 18 2005 01:14

Further updates should be added to the topic late morning / early afternoon as more information comes in. Stay tuned to Live! for the news as it happens...

12. hemi   
Feb 18 2005 01:28

I agree with the above. I voted. I did not really care just so long as leftwing NUTJOB as well put by mrc above did not win so i voted agianst him .

I am so glad that we have not been taken over by colon galloway!

to be fair i think i put the girl as my second choice, but well done to her! A woman on top is no bad thing.It can be a nice change. Although it is not the thing we want every time but it is a good change.

13. Sarah   
Feb 18 2005 01:33

Dear mr editor,

I am appalled that the sexist comments above will go unchecked. They must be immediately censored. I am a woman. I take offence.

That is enough.

It is about time that we get treated properly. We don;t have to burn bras to get ourselves heard. sometimes one thinks that imperial is the home of adam and steve.

let it be known that there is eve ou there.

let all who sseee mee treat me for what i am and not the size of my chest or my ironing abilities.

this has goto stop

free me.

love and peace to all

" a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"

14. loser   
Feb 18 2005 02:22

nutty boy wrote in his manifesto:

"The illegal war and continued occupation of Iraq have left over 100,000 dead, whilst our so-called representatives sat back and did nothing. Top-up fees were forced through against the biggest ever rebellion in the Labour party, with the full support of our rector, and again our union?s response was pitiful. "

the stupidity of the comments is only paralleled by their irrelevance to the election itself. that is why he lost. he was the NO candidate, the one we all knew not to vote for.

thanks colin for making it totally clear to us not to vote for you. never mind. you can have more time to campaign. i hear the syrian dictator could do with your help at the moment!

15. Mr c   
Feb 18 2005 08:02

Well, prob he was the reason that the election had such a big turnout.

Mr Smith was making it clear through his whole campaign that his actions during his term as a president would be highly political, and as it seems irrellevant to the "needs" of the union.

I would suggest to Mr Smith to try his luck at NUS.

16. Bob   
Feb 18 2005 08:37

Oh dear.

Looks like it will be an interesting year then...

Lucky I won't be here anymore next year.

Feb 18 2005 08:47

These election results don't make sense! What sort of voter would choose both Sameena Misbahuddin and Rupert Neate at the same time? While radical Rupert wants to bring page 3 back to Felix, Sameena's most exciting policy was keeping the library open all night... what a confused electorate we have.

Feb 18 2005 10:06

A voter who wants an exciting Felix, but a president who will get on with running the place rather than changing the constitution every 5 seconds, as some previous presidents haev done?

Felix Editor is a very different position to the other sabbs.

Feb 18 2005 10:14

A voter who votes for whoever has the most visible publicity campaign (except "definite NO" candidates described above)?

They were the only candidates whose posters ive seen in my halls, i read manifestos in detail too and voted by that instead but not everyone would.

Feb 18 2005 10:19

Sarah, you may be forgetting or not know that Live is currently a bit short on editors after a recent occurance of resignations and debate. Anyway, it would appear to be a light hearted commment anyway.

Feb 18 2005 10:21

That's true. Sameena's policies were laughable, and 99% of which she should have implemented as DPFS (making the true question: why are you so incompetent as you think you need an extra year to make this happen), but her posters were very good. Not interesting, but visible.

22. Spence   
Feb 18 2005 10:57

Was it just me or did Rupert Neate come across as an arrogant s.o.a.b.?

Feb 18 2005 11:18

No it's not just you Spence.

24. Aaisha   
Feb 18 2005 11:24

The elections are over and we have next year's sabb team. They aren't great, but despite my union-induced cynicism and initial dread for the year to come, I'm still gonna give them all the benefit of the doubt.

I think the least we can do is let them show us what they can do. And if they're c**p, we can no-confidence them the first chance we get :)

As for the comments about women, someone needs to get a sense of humour. Besides, I've gotta agree - a woman on top is no bad thing.

Feb 18 2005 11:25

Congratulations Imperial on electing a Felix editor who probably doesn't know where the office is let alone how to edit a newspaper. Good luck next year! You'll need it.

Feb 18 2005 12:01

If our new editor dosen't know where the office is that is probably why people voted for him. It will be a breath of fresh air having someone from outside the mutual appreciation clique thats been running felix for the past year in charge. Best of luck Rupert!

27. Dan   
Feb 18 2005 12:10

Do we have the full results yet? Like whom came second and who was third?

Feb 18 2005 12:15

Aaisha obviously has no memory of Tasha Newton.

Feb 18 2005 12:48

The Union website is still inviting people to vote... given that Live! had results up almost immediately, I find it quite poor that the union site still does not have full results.

Feb 18 2005 13:02

Is it too late to vote?

31. Nia   
Feb 18 2005 13:23

A game for a friday afternoon:

Using fictional characters and famous people, what would be your ideal sabb team?

Feb 18 2005 13:33

I believe the high turnout is due to a good RON campaign - effectivly doing the job of promoting elections that Mr Rorke was attempting in October. I wonder if I managed to do it cheaper than him....hrm.

lol - yes, a woman on top is not necessarilly a bad thing.

I have one significant comment as RON campaign manager - "When the s**t hits the fan brother, whether its next week, 6 months, 7 months, 8 months time, you'll never be able to say that the RON team lied to you Jack!?"

Sanjeev - RON4EVER ;)

Feb 18 2005 13:39

My nominations:

President - Dick Cheney (or George W, one is a facist, the other mearly incompetant)

DPFS - Nick Leason (got Bearings Bank)

DPCS - Sir Steve Redgrave (would share a certain "special interest" with our next incumbent)

DPEW - Anne Robinson (as the weakest link persona)

Felix - Rupert (Murdoch)

34. Bob   
Feb 18 2005 13:41


President: Martin Sheen/ President Bartlett

DPFS: Ebenezer Scrooge

DPCS: Roman Abramovich

DPEW: Hannibal Lector

Felix Ed: Alan Rusbridger

No explanations offered or wanted.

Feb 18 2005 13:59

its a family affair

President - Maggie Thatcher (the iron lady on top)

DPFS - Herbet Hoover ('cos recovery is "just around the corner")

DPCS - Mark Thatcher ('cos if your not in the club, well you're not in society)

DPEW - Dennis Thatcher ('cos he was the tea lady)

36. EH   
Feb 18 2005 14:06

Hello people

I fear that you may have missed the point with the whole Colin Smith for president thing.

To refer back to the earlier comment "I'll be damned if I could spot more that two options in the Presidential race (left wing nutjob or 4xICU Standard issue candidate Mk 1)"

Two options was a lot better than the usual one. Two options might even have contributed to the bigger than ever turnout. Maybe one day we could have a few more options on the ballot papers, and then we might have a decent hustings, with some actual debate (rather than the usual "I agree- And me-Me too" parrot-talk awfulness). And then students might actually come and listen, and ask questions, and discuss what people said etc. Then our students might feel a little more interested, and get a little more involved in their union. And one day, possibly, the union might just get a little bit better (or maybe thats too much to hope for).

As an intelligent guy, I'm sure Mr Smith was aware that the students of Imprerial were unlikely to elect a revolutionary socialist for president this year. Maybe he stood in order to inject some life into the debate, some character into the event, and to force the other candidates to campaign properly to keep him out.

I'm sure that the lift given to Colin's various campaigns by hundreds of Imperial students voting that his views represented theirs will more than make up for his dissapointment at not being elected.

That and the fact that you guys are still discussing his manifesto after the election has finished! I say last laugh goes to him!

37. tom t   
Feb 18 2005 14:43


Well, funnily enough, the incumbent won the election on really imaginative policies like 'more representation for PostGrads'.


Good luck to her, I hope she demonstrates the strong, inclusive leadership and public speaking skills she's been developing this year. She'll need all the patience she can muster, as well as the ability to stand up to certain people and make sure she runs the Union in the best interests of the members, not the whims of certain people in Beit Towers. I for one am very happy to help her understand the constitutional difficlties we've been experiencing this year.

Dave Edwards has got a lot of work on his hands as well.

In other news

Well, it turns out that Council did in fact pass the motion (amended) I proposed last night. An over-zealous Sabb team was keen to bully Council out of hearing it, first by claiming that the counter-arguments hadn't been heard, and then accusing the proposer of tabling the motion at a deliberately charged time. Being the only item of business tabled ON TIME to the meeting, the proposer was understandably miffed at being bullied, which seems rather prevalent in Beit Towers these days. He was also unaware of the election results when he wrote the motion.

So in spite of the voting mis-counting and other problems, Council was minded to agree that in principle two-term Sabbaticals can be very damaging to the Institution. An interesting conclusion to an exciting night.

It's also good to know that Council can expect properly minuted reports from the newly created Governance Review Panel, which will be looking at Constitutional matters more closely.

38. Editor   
Feb 18 2005 14:49

Having just been informed of the inaccuracies mentioned by Mr Tibbits above, the article has been modified to reflect the changes.

39. d0dger   
Feb 18 2005 15:14

I have to say, I agree with the WAHOOO, and had a pint to celebrate that. And boy, where there some sore losers in the union after the results. The electorate has spoken, but it seems, it didn't quite know what it was saying. At least we are not run by a leftie loony next year.

40. quest   
Feb 18 2005 15:32

" Maybe he stood in order to inject some life into the debate, some character into the event, and to force the other candidates to campaign properly to keep him out."

How many of you actually believe that someone would bother to enter an election, spent money for publicity, get involved with the whole process etc etc just in order to "inject life into the debate"??? Let's just be realists people, this is an ICU election.

"That and the fact that you guys are still discussing his manifesto after the election has finished! I say last laugh goes to him! "

Actuallly, you are wrong here. The only material we CAN discuss is his manifesto and his points on the debates. (Oh, and possibly also the fact that he got kicked out in January from the council meeting for causing a scene after his motion was not voted). That's what he offered to us in order to judge if we want him as a president or not.

Feb 18 2005 16:34

Why are you all too scared to use you real names?

Feb 18 2005 16:35

but at least he has fire in his soul, and would get the students interested in the union again. I think he's actually done a lot of good work. admittedly I don't think he would've been a good president, his very manifesto was contrary to union regs, but he made people think and kept the other candidates honest.

Feb 18 2005 16:43

Lets suppose that you had a name, what would you do?

Feb 18 2005 17:41

No one makes changes by keeping everyone happy! Look back on history, and all the great people that revolutionised the society and brought about changes that seem futile to us nowadays (like voting and equal opportunities). They were all classified as lunatics, thugs, and insolent and rebellious. People are scared of new things because they are too narrow minded to see the good in them! Going against the safe stereotypical and conventional way of living and thinking imposed by society take courage and bravery. We shouldn't reject and dismiss new and innovative ideas just because they are different, Colin at least isn't a sheep that follows a leader, but he?s got what it takes to stand up and speak up! So stop bad mouthing him or any other candidates, its not fair on them, they just want to make our union and students life better, something that some of us obviously don?t deserve, especially if they don?t take responsibility of what they say by putting their real names on. Personally I don?t think we should give you guys time of the day or any consideration because you are not worth it. If u wanna criticise something or someone than be constructive and suggest something else. Or else shut it!

45. mr me   
Feb 18 2005 18:01

Well I too am glad that Colin Smith wasn't elected. I'm sure he's a lover-ly bloke, but I think his priorities are in the wrong place.

I've got to say, I'm pretty surprised at Sameena winning, but I suppose if one was voting against a candidate without bothering to read up on the others she'd be the obvious choice.

Yep, Rupert is a t**t, but I'm sure Felix will be entertaining next year - almost as entertaining as Dan's "whom came second"! There's nothing like a pretentious so-and-so making himself look stupid...

Feb 18 2005 18:05

Here Here!

shakespeare got it right the first time.

47. tom t   
Feb 18 2005 18:08

hear hear?

48. Pan   
Feb 18 2005 18:37

One side of me wanted to vote for Collin Smith. It really did.

He comes across as different and fresh, and indeed might have been able to make a lot of beneficial changes to the way Union is run. His manifesto though did not help, as I couldn't help making the thought that he will give a lot of attention to matters associated with his personal ideologies advertised so widely in his manifesto, possibly somewhat irrelevant to a lot of people (and me).

Another thought that I had, is that even if he was voted from the student body, he would be immediately be rejected from the academic faculty.

We shall not forget that the rector was about to remove the union president from the college council, something that we narrowly managed to avoid. If Collin was elected, we could have been led to a breakdown of communication with the college, before he actually did anything.

My question is (to any body who knows), have there been any events like that in the past? Is the college administration able to reject someone that they really don't like?

49. Rupert   
Feb 18 2005 18:54

I don't think I'm a t**t, although I can be a bit t**tish at times. Also I dont think I've been particularly arrogant, I was just really please that I won.

Mr Me do you actually know me? Who are you? - Like colin says could you all use your real names.

Feb 18 2005 20:49

Right people, there's no need to start a slanging match. I firstly refuse to be drawn into it but I will comment this once and only once on this damned post for the sake of "official" comment.

There is nobody on my campaign team who deserved more recognition than my better half. Many people say that it's the woman behind the man that drives success and I can say that in this case it holds a lot of truth. A lot of times I've thought of packing it all in but she was always there to support me and get me back up and back on the campaign trail and for that I owe her much more than you lot could give so whoever called her a *bitch* if you want to say that to my face I might take your comment a bit more seriously.

As for keeping her mouth shut well anyone who's too spineless to put name to their comments isn't worthy of recognition nor reply. At least Ed told me what he thought at the time to my face! If it wasn't for her and the rest of my team I wouldn't have had such huge levels of publicity across college... RSM, Bio, Chem, Maths, Computing, MechEng, CivEng, ChemEng, AeroEng, BioEng, BMS, Union, various ladies' toilets to name but just a few locations helped me without doubt.

For those who weren't at council last night if memory serves me correct I won by a large majority. For the nearest competitors' 1 vote I got 2. That to me says that the voters have a sign of confidence in who they voted for; whether they needed to be coaxed to participating in voting or whether they wanted to vote originally is irrelevant.

If you have no faith in my abilities or my team I'd appreciate it if 'mr bloke' told me to my face (NOT via reply or email) so that I could have a proper conversation with him. Like I said before. To not put your name to a post is just being too scared of the reply that may ensue.

As for the other lot of people who have staked bets on my talents before I've had a chance to prove myself... Ebenezer Scrooge was a very prudent financier and Herbert Hoover's recovery is a fallible comment: We have never needed recovery, we as a union are always in the pursuit of improvement and I intend to deliver it.


Tim Weinert-Aplin

Feb 18 2005 21:25

Okay everyone, why don't we just calm down a little eh?

52. zippy   
Feb 18 2005 23:43

At least Aleks Corr didn't win. After all, if you've only managed to pass your year when you've been living 5 minutes away from college (in halls), how much can you know about education?

53. Stats   
Feb 18 2005 23:49

Are we going to see a breakdown of which students voted? i.e. How many people from each department... how many people from each year group... how many from each campus? Then we can work out who is being left out of Union activities. 2826 voters might be more than in previous elections, but its still not a majority.

54. Sid   
Feb 19 2005 01:12

Moo Hahaha, Mo Hahaha!

Cheer up people, its all over, I am looking forward to Friday!

Feb 19 2005 03:00

TO EH- what makes you think Colin is an "intelligent" guy? I see no evidence to support this? Indeed if he was running, knowing that he would surely loose that might make him, albeit strange, genius but i rather expect that he had actual delusions of grandeur.

As to giving real names- well a) this is live! novody uses real names- wake up Colin and b) would you really want to put your real name down when one of the people you criticise has close connections to terrorists?????????

56. amram   
Feb 19 2005 03:06

I will put my real name down. i am amram. I must commiserate Colin. i know what it is like to loose elections- everything has been downhill since 2003...

(take a lesson from me local politics is better than national politics)...

but seriously colin did you think you were gonna win?

I can imagine you doing well in a Syrian election- but then they only allow one candidate!

On another note- to fit in with your manifesto, which was a great work (of humour), are you not gonna congratulate 9 million iraqis who had the chance to vote for the first time ever in their history???

Tom t- your post was soooooooo boring that i did not even finish it. please take note nobody cares about the union constitution- frankly even colin's nonsense is more interesting than your posts on reg 1444c section 2.5....

57. Chris   
Feb 19 2005 11:27

You may not like hearing about the constitution but it is an integral part of running the union and needs debate. The motion to stop 2 year sabbs is one of those pieces that could make a huge difference as all the sabbs who have done a second term have been c**p in that second term.

Good luck to Sameena proving this trend wrong, but she could be the last 2 term Sabb.

Feb 19 2005 11:43

Ah, but note that Sameena is doing a second term as a different sabb..

Feb 19 2005 11:58

You want to know one thing, I don't care about this election, and it's results, as I am no longer a member of the Union. I am therefore no longer represented by it. I am shocked and disgusted by the path the Union has chosen, one whereby people who do things are treated like s**t, and are left feeling that they are not represented by the Union.

I am glad that now I represent myself, and that the Union does not represent me. I am happy that finally the Union recognises the effort I have put in for the students, that it recognises I was one of the hardest working part time officers. I am just disgusted that it took me renouncing my membership for the Union to recognise it.

I am grateful for the support shown by people over the past couple of days, including the support shown by the President of the Union. I would like to say that the decisions over the past couple of days are some of the hardest I have taken in my life, but that I am glad I have taken them. I wish every luck to those who I leave behind.

Feb 19 2005 15:11

dear mr piggot- i don;t know you personally- although we ma have crossed paths in campus.

I decided to vote for you cos i liked your website which was particularly interesting and while i tend to think that your opinions are prob to the left of mine,i thought youd do a good job. what has prompted this move?

i like 90% of the Ic population don;t follow unioon politics. also how can you say that the president of the union has done a good job and then leave the union- isn;t he the union? or do you mean leave the union cos you are graduating? and isnt this a tad overdramatic, in reading your autobigraphy there was a sense of the overdramitc there too- having said that it was not in the unlikeable sense. good luck whatever you do.

Feb 19 2005 17:29

Hi All,

Firstly congratulations to Rupert and all the other winning candidates, haven't had a chance to say this in person yet.

I found the whole election was actually quite a laugh although most of the Hustings seemed pointless. It's a bit of a shame the elections were held over Felix deadline day, and I would have liked to have known how stringent the rules actually were rather than have to work it out by seeing what other people got away with before knowing where I stood.

It seems that these people have an awful lot of time to bitch at strangers, wish I did. That said a lot of these comments appear to have some elements of truth.

To those people slating Colin, grow up. Then go and talk to Colin for 5 minutes instead of randomly abusing him from behind your computer screen. Then you might just have a clue.

Edward, why leave? You should have been running for President! Give it a few days then think it over again, don't be so rash. It's just an election (well, a job too, but hey).

wrt Felix, I can understand the comment about it being a clique, but of course it will always be that way since people care about Felix, and get involved and stay involved. There are certain people who seem to feel they have some claim to the paper though, I've heard a lot of people who are quite dismayed that Rupert won.

To those abusing Rupert, leave off. Him and his team fought a hard campaign and were successful - where's the problem with that? The guy probably helped increase the turnout, too. I was never going to (be able to) do as much as they did, but hoped it wouldn't matter. Ah, well.

One parting comment - and this really isn't meant as a slur, I promise.

Rupert, if you want to come down to Felix and see how it all works at the moment, how to do things like layout and design, how to edit, get some tips on how to write properly (sorry, Reading Evening Post or not you do need some help) and how to deal with other people you're more than welcome, not just by me. I know it's not a *real* newspaper, but we do try...


62. Darius   
Feb 19 2005 19:47

Felix has never been a 'clique'. Anyone can come into the office and even start a section if they so wish. It's happened this year with Business and Computer Games (which unfortunately only ran for a week). Felix is the sum of the efforts put into it by people making the effort. The prerequisites are that you can write, meet deadlines, and know your audience.

Given the circumstances I am satisfied with the election result. I'd like to thank everyone who supported me. I am not going to be running again next year (however valuable 'third time lucky' would be as a campaign slogan).

63. SAC   
Feb 20 2005 09:58

The election results are out and there are so many goods and bads. Every single sabbatical seem to have their strengths and flaws. The new pressie seems intent on getting things going but too soft to get things going and easily pushed around. New DPCS seems 'remotely capable' as claimed. He is a generally nice guy but has got no balls to face up to people. His term as SCC chair and treasurer seems in failure as his societies are a mess. Best of all is New DPFS relies on his poor half to tire out every night at the SAC. He may have a bit of ability but his mom sure needs to teach him AND his half some manners. His half especially needs spanking, right sabrina? Enough rambling, this term of sabbs seem good but they more manners and balls!


Feb 20 2005 18:00

Hi all,

I'm gonna have to side with Simon here and just say that there are a lot of people with a lot of time to bitch at people they don't really know!

Colin being the most obvious *victim* here, what's wrong with him standing up for what he believes in? I've heard people call him a nutjob, a terrorist, blah blah but if people actually listened to him he's got some solid ideas to put forth!

Felix people... give it a rest! He may be an amateur but he'll have his time no doubt!

And as for the DP's, everyone seems to not really like who was elected... so why DID they get elected? After all, as Live! said this was the most inclusive ballot ever and if the electorate didn't speak now well they're too lazy to provoke any change themselves and would rather bitch and complain about something they didn't even vote in!

People are so adversarial here, the way I see it there are a few sore losers here and some Sabbs-elect who may have their work cut out for them but aren't having it easy with all this bitching and slating around!

Ah well... c'est la vie...only time will tell whether they're any good or not.

Feb 20 2005 23:49

Elections are not a meritocracy. This election proves it better than any other.

Anything you do for the union, do not expect thanks or recognition for it. There are lots of people out there who do stuff for the union and are never recognised - you don't do it for a pat on the back.

Sad to hear the news Mr Piggot.

You should have voted RON.

Feb 21 2005 03:11

I have been a member of staff at the union for over 3 years, leaving my position of Senior Ents only a few weeks ago. My departure was only due to workload of a final year. I must say, i did what i was asked, and often a lot more, and this wasnt for a pat on the back, it was for MY union which you might find odd, but i take some pride in it. And it wouldnt be a bad thing

if more people did the same. But there, if you dont care, then thats ok.

My concerns were more with events, than the many other matters, but i still spent my time on what i found important and what i thought i could make a positive change on; one thing being an ents calendar available online (its up btw

I have to say, Colin, in some ways i am glad that you havent been elected (even tho im not here next year), as your concerns didnt really match any of mine. And that is simply why i didnt, and nor did a majority, vote for you. However, there?s nothing wrong with that, Colin stood for what he believed was missing from the union, and if many students agreed with him, then he would be there next year.

Its hard to pin point the cause for the increased turnout... Mustafa's emails, range of candidates, campaigning efforts - i think im just happy that more people actually gave a s**t for once about the union, and not complain about it afterwards.

I must say in defence of Sameena, she has helped get more out of union events, such as the promotion of ents online, re-format of union email, entrance fee etc. Point being, I was able to approach a sabb; was listened to and supported in achieving what i thought was needed. Any of you can do the same, (I hope with the new sabbs, but sameena at least) and take a role as detailed as you like in helping the union provide everything that it should.

And everyone.. how about the bitching calms down a bit?

Live the dream!


Feb 21 2005 10:55

I'd just like to distance myself from an earlier comment made by "Martin" that was very rude about the Felix Editor elect. This has now been rightly removed.

I wish everyone the best of luck next year.


Feb 28 2005 23:15


*"I think the least we can do is let them show us what they can do. And if they're c**p, we can no-confidence them the first chance we get"

DO you think that this is the best way to run a success Union??

It amazes me how you ever got voted in???

Kind regards,

Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch

Feb 28 2005 23:18

Tim.. you are completely right..

Good lcuk to you Sir!


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