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Guilds Colours Awards 2005

Mar 19 2005 13:56
Nichola Hawkins
At the AGM, the annual colours awards for recognition to Service to the Union were given to students
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The AGM did not just see election results annouced. The annual Colours Awards ceremony took place as well, along with a vote of thanks to staff who had helped CGCU over the year. Certificates were present by Engineering Dean, Professor Richard Kitney.

Half colours were awarded to Omar Abbara, Fopefoluwa Adelowo, Ili Afifuddin, Anne Baarup, Martin Chong, Ahmed Chowdhury, Ingeborg Dybdal Oie, Tom Elliot, James Fok, Christopher Foster, Munir Hasan, Nichola Hawkins, John James, Chris Jackson, Sadiq Javeri, Azuria Kamel, Aaisha Latif, Daniel Lawson, Alex McCredie, Morten Olesen, Sevil Payvandi, Oliver Pell, Milena Peric, Edward Joseph Piggott, John Postlethwaite, together with Sara Rejal, Misbah Sadiq, Shah Sameer Alam, Sanjeev Sarda, Zaid Sarda, Cristina Sgardeli, John Sykes, Andrew John Tedd, Garreth Tinker, William Wan and Sonal Wedatilake.

Full colours were awarded to John Collins, Helen Dawson, Ingrid Ku, Daniel Lehmann, Chris McIver, Henri Ozarovsky, Dan Reader, Adam Roper, Cristina Rodr?guez Trobajo, Harvinder Sambi, Waleed Sarwar, Siddharth Singh, Eirini Spentza and Alan Winwood.

Distinguished service awards were presented to Atul Rana, with the following citation: "There is only one fair way of describing soon to be Dr Atul Rana, and that is as a C&G legend. This year is a big year for Atul, as his five year marathon pHD is at last coming to fruition and he will sadly be leaving us for pastures new. I don't know how on earth or why Atul became involved in C&G in the early days of his doctorate, our records simply don't go back that far, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are glad that he did! Over the past half a decade Atul has been instrumental in launching and indeed re-launching the Internship Centre and Fair. He fully participated in and helped organise numerous events over the last few years and especially so this year, where he assisted with every freshers week event, the Lord Mayor's Show, numerous Bar Nights and RAG Week events. He has also played a huge role in recruiting students to the cause, including a couple who have gone beyond the call of duty and been awarded colours this year. He has also played an active part in behind the scenes representation within his department this year. All this, and his Research Section still managed to received gold medal awards for excellence in trobology this year! Atul has not always been recognised as he has always been in the background helping out, rather than taking credit for the end result - true grass roots. It is for this reason that we are delighted to award this Distinguished Service Award to the Union, and wish him the very best for the future."

Doctor Shaun Croftonn also received a DSA, with the following citation: "This is another long overdue award in recognition of the time and expertise Dr Crofton has put into C&GCU over the past few years. Shaun's roles have included the un-official Bo' Driver consultant, the official Honorary Senior Treasurer, and the un-official but very helpful confident and adviser to the Union's Senior Officers. In particular this year he was instrumental in assisting the departmental representative in a particularly busy year for Mechanical Engineering, and has helped develop an informal Staff Student Committee and network that has been reported as a hugely successful initiative. On the behalf of all students of C&GCU, both present and past, I am delighted to award Dr Crofton a Distinguished Service Award for his service to the Guilds cause."

Presidents' awards were given to Christopher McIver, of whom the President said: Christopher McIver held no position within C&G at the start of the year, yet his contribution has eclipsed almost elected officer in the Union. Chris is always helpful, very efficient, always manages to remain calm in apparent crisis and never complains when things don't go his way. Evidence of this comes from many of his achievements throughout the year, from the Lord Mayor's Show to the Quiz evening. Personally speaking, if I know that Chris is dealing with a project then my mind is at rest because it will always get delivered on time, on budget and without too much hassle. A reliable and loyal friend of the Union, it gives me great pleasure in awarding Chris McIver the President's Award."

A second Presidents' award went to Siddharth Singh: "I met Sid early on in my Presidency in the C&G Office. Despite his work commitments, he managed to spend an enormous amount of time in the Office, lovingly preparing the best Freshers' Guildsheet that I have ever seen, and assisting with other activities, notably in Freshers' Week. Sid has attended and in many instances assisted with every Union event that we have run this year. Guildsheet has been transformed in to a paper that a colours committee member quoted as saying "everybody now looks forward to reading". Furthermore, he has been a loyal confidant, always there, more often than not in evenings and weekends, supporting the Guilds cause. It is for this reason that I am delighted to award Siddharth Singh the President's Award."

Finally, a third Presidents' Award went to Faculty Administrator Richard Martin: "Very few of you will know or have met Richard Martin. This is a pity because he is one of the nicest people in the College! Throughout the year Richard has been extremely helpful and supportive in pulling the right strings in the background and working the College bureaucracy to the benefit of all engineering students. In particular he has been instrumental in helping us improve our office space (and size!) and granting us access to mailing lists that have allowed us to communicate with our students better. As a member of College staff that I can and often have relied on, I am delighted to award him the President's Award."

Live! would like to congratulate all students who have received awards this year, and hope that this inspires others to take part in Union activities in the year ahead!

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Discussion about “Guilds Colours Awards 2005”

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Mar 20 2005 23:49

Congratulations to all those who deserved Colours (good on you!), and to a**e-lickers also. Well done! Long live the tradition of patting those on the back who suck the right lemons. Hooray Guilds!

2. He he   
Mar 22 2005 09:08

It's nice to see that some level of bitterness is retained within guilds.

It wouldn't be right if there wasn't a maniac in the corner insulting people for no good reason

3. ==   
Mar 23 2005 13:01

President's award for Chris McIver - that made me laugh, given recent events...

4. ..   
Mar 23 2005 13:10

Really? Then I would suggest there is a lesson here somewhere, if you care to look for it.

Mar 23 2005 23:06

==, maybe you should think about other things that Mr McIver has done.

I hear someone has taken not getting colours badly - oh well - if you do nothing you shouldn't expect colours - especially if you are paid to do nothing...

Apr 28 2005 12:49

Nichola, you seem to have missed me off the list....

Although not as impressive, half colours after an attempted no confidence at the start of the year is not too bad. Wonder what Chris would have got had he taken the "recent events" that == talks about in a different way...teeehehehehehe.

random - theres lots of people who have done things and not been given colours.

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