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Elections open for new C&G President

Oct 20 2005 13:36
Geefor Gorrillaz
Voting is now open for three C&G positions and various ICU posts.
It's election time again

Following the resignation of C&G President Aaisha Latif, elections are now open for a new Guilds President.

The elections are being carried out at the same time as those for Ordinary Members of ICU Council and Committees, and various vacancies in other Faculty Unions, as well as the previously-vacant posts of C&G Research Rep and Mech Eng Dep Rep.

The Presidential Candidates are Siddharth Singh and RON, and their manifestos are as follows:

Siddharth Singh:

Vote for me because my record speaks for itself, I took over Guildsheet the newspaper for the Engineering students when it was produced on a photocopier, now it is printed professionally and has an operational budget five times as large as before.

Vote for me because I am a guildsman through and through, my endless commitment has been appreciated by the City & Guilds College Union and I was awarded both Full Colours and President's Award for going that extra mile.

Vote for me if you want the future of our union secured, if you want your views represented to the highest bodies and if you want to see me happy.

Vote for me because I am the only one standing, again.

Siddharth Singh for President of City & Guilds College Union.

New election:

Not satisfied with the candidates for these elections? There is always an option. Vote RON. The Union gives you the option of voting to re-open nominations for the post. You therefore have the chance not to elect any of the nominated candidates if you feel that none of them is suitable. If RON wins the elections, nominations will re-open and a new election will be held at a later date. Voting opens at 12.00 Wednesday 19 October and closes at 23.59 Monday 23 October 2005.

Other positions:

Candidates for C&G Research Rep are Henri Ozarovsky and RON.

Candidates for Mech and Dep Rep and Hannah Chalmers & Timur Sugito (running jointly), and RON.

The manifestos for ICU candidates can be found online

Voting is open until 11.59pm on Monday night. If all runs smoothly, results will be announced on Tuesday.

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