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LMS ? Lord Mayor's Show or Lucky to Make Schedule?

Oct 21 2005 16:55
John James
The Lords Mayor?s Show is here once again and this time with financial backing! After securing an 8 thousand pound sponsorship deal construction has been underway now for two weeks.
The picture says it all really

The Lord Mayors Show will take place on Saturday the 12th November. It will be the 679th parade, with 6,000 participants including 2,000 military personnel, 200 horses, 220 motor vehicles, 56 floats, 20 marching bands and 18 carriages as well as the Lord Mayor?s impressive stage coach, dating from 1757.

The Lord Mayor of London holds an office first created in 1189. King John granted a Charter in 1215 allowing the citizens of London to elect their own Lord Mayor, but the charter required each new Lord Mayor to take an oath of fealty to the Sovereign. His journey with his supporters through the City streets to do just that has grown into the spectacular Lord Mayor?s Show.

City and Guilds College was founded in 1885 by the City and Guilds London Institute, the City Corporation Institute and the 16 big Livery Companies. The City and Guilds College Union?s roots with the City allow us to enter a float in the Lord Mayor?s Show every year.

This year the theme is City Links, and our sponsor is Atkins, a Civil Engineering consultancy. We have therefore decided to build a cross-section of a bridge to show the world how engineers link the city. Cheesy huh? Nearly all the bits have been cut for the bridge, but it still all has to be put together which may highlight some unforeseen problems? Are you any good at problem solving? Ever thought you?d like to build a bridge? Or perhaps just be on TV in front of 3 million BBC1 viewers?

What ever your reason for joining us, if you want to be a part in either the construction on Saturday 29th October, or parade with the float on Saturday 12 November, drop me an email to .net

30 million people tune in to the Show worldwide, and 500,000 come and watch in person. This year is going to be fantastic. The procession is 3.3 miles long but the route is only 1.7 miles. Find out how it works on the day!

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Discussion about “LMS ? Lord Mayor's Show or Lucky to Make Schedule?”

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1. Dan L   
Oct 21 2005 17:02


You may have stolen this from guildsheet, but you could at least give the original author credit.

Booooo - hiss....

Oct 21 2005 17:03

Give me a moment! Had to make a change to Live! to get the right name on so published with my name and then changed it.

Oct 23 2005 15:17

boo hiss, lets close down live.

Nov 08 2008 15:35

my son was marching with the royal navy and i missed it on tele is there repeat of this - gutted

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