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CGCU AGM and Colours Awards

Mar 18 2006 10:04
Ashley Brown
A very full Mech Eng 220 was the location of the CGCU AGM on Thursday, with the announcement of election results and CGCU Colours Awards. As the election results are currently on 75 sheets of paper, we start with awards!
Still people there at the end. (Most are just off camera!)

A combination of Krispy Kremes and hotly contested elections led to a packed lecture theatre in Mech Eng 220, with one of the highest AGM turnouts in recent memory. Despite some people escaping after they claimed their sugar fix, attendance remained high throughout the meeting.

The first business of the afternoon was election results, which took forever thanks to them being on 75 or so poorly laid out sheets of paper. There is no electronic copy available at present, so these are currently being manually entered into the election results system ? more information on results will follow.

Every year CGCU presents a variety of awards to individuals and societies, with this forming the second half of the AGM.

President?s Awards are given at the discretion of the CGCU President to individuals who they feel have made a significant contribution. Siddarth Singh gave awards this year to:

  • Leah Glass, for her outstanding work as RSM president, taking ?more positive steps with RSM than is possible?.
  • Eirini Spentza, for her planning and keenness as welfare officer throughout the year, particularly organising the ?Young Women in Engineering? open day which saw 70 young women from schools mentored by 40 CGCU students.
  • John James, for furthering the Guilds cause with the alumni through his work on the Lord Mayor?s Show and acquisition of old bits of metal.
  • Chris McIver, whose ?commitment to Guilds is an invaluable asset?, taking the position of Acting President at the start of the year, organising funding for events and generally ensuring things run smoothly.
  • Matt Taylor, for all his work and support, making ideas happen and whipping Sid?s ass at squash.

Distinguished service awards went to Dan Lehmann, Christopher McIver and ICU president-elect John Collins for their many years of hard service to the Guilds cause.

Best Society Award went to Engineers Without Borders, with Imperial Aeronautics taking Most Improved Society after a fantastic year.

Half colours are awarded to members who have given exceptional service in their positions. Recipients this year were:

  • Steven Emmerson
  • Youssef Elgonaid
  • Ronak Chitroda
  • Tanya McCartney
  • Ruben Quek
  • Demetris Nicolaou
  • Hannah Chalmers
  • Vidula Vinayagamoorthy
  • Alexandra Martinsson Dorff
  • Sherin Chee
  • Leah Glass
  • Ingeborg Dybdal Oie
  • Ashley Brown
  • Owen Jones
  • Anthony Buckley-Thorp
  • Sebastian Kaminski
  • Lisa Bunclark
  • Amandhi Kularante
  • Sebastian Jeffcoat Dick
  • David Willey
  • James Wingfield
  • Huw Blackwell
  • Michael Tanswell
  • Christopher Gosden
  • Alexander Fergusson
  • Julian Smith
  • Ming Cheung
  • Jayanud Ujjin
  • James Fok
  • Ingrid Ku
  • Gautam Deshpande
  • Christopher Jackson

Full colours, for exceptional service and contributions across a variety of fields, were awarded to:

  • Phativ Kurup
  • David Horton
  • Adam Roper
  • Jignesh Parekh
  • Eirini Spentza
  • Matthew Harris
  • Harvinder Sambi
  • Siddharth Singh
  • John James
  • Matthew Taylor
  • Johnathan James
  • Fopefoluwa Adelowo
  • Henri Ozarovsky
  • Oliver Broadbent
  • Cristina Rodriguez Trobajo
  • Anthony Hsiao
  • Jonathan Crocker
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Discussion about “CGCU AGM and Colours Awards”

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Mar 18 2006 17:52

The results for the Aero Soc committee are missing on the results service.

Mar 18 2006 18:38

There are some results missing, as I appear to be a few pages short of 75 at the moment. I'll put them up as soon as I can.

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