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"Best Broadcaster" Award for stoic tv

Apr 16 2006 16:43
James Robinson
Imperial College?s student television station, stoic tv, has scooped the top prize at this year?s National Student Television Awards held at Leeds University.
stoic tv get merry after their receiving their awards.

stoic tv was named Best Broadcaster at the glittering ceremony which was the highlight of a three day conference attended by 13 other student television stations from across the country. The award, one of 15 categories, was judged by Kim Peat, controller of Daytime, Arts and Religion for Channel Five.

stoic tv is part of Imperial College Union?s Media Group (which also includes Felix and IC Radio) and is run like any other club ? by a team of highly dedicated volunteer students, led by station manager John Anderson. Since moving to the purpose-built media centre in Beit Quad in 2001, the station has been going from strength to strength as now demonstrated by winning this hotly contested award.

In addition to winning Best Broadcaster, Greg Foot and Frankie Young both collected trophies in the Best On-Screen Male and Female categories. The MSc Science Communication Students together present Foot & Mouth, stoic tv?s light entertainment programme.

To find out more about stoic tv and to watch the winning showreels, log on to

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Discussion about “"Best Broadcaster" Award for stoic tv”

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Apr 17 2006 21:44

Fantastic news! Well done STOIC!

2. n/a   
Apr 18 2006 14:12

Yup, congratulations!

Apr 19 2006 00:21

wait a min... you mean STOIC actually does stuff???!!! That is the first I have heard of it

4. hack   
Apr 21 2006 17:29

none of the media files on their site work. How the hell do they manage to win stuff? What do they actually broadcast?

5. James   
Apr 21 2006 18:46


Try - I don't know the technical details, but it's basically more reliable but hasn't yet been fully integrated with the rest of the site. You will however need the latest version of Quicktime.

6. sam   
Apr 22 2006 11:59

"STOIC TV" just doesn't work.

Student Television Of Imperial College TeleVision. For one, you've put Television twice in the acronym. Secondly you've inconsistently abbreviated the word TeleVision to both T and TV.

I think Student's of Imperial College TeleVision or SIC TV sounds better.

7. James   
Apr 22 2006 12:38

Hi Sam,

There was a long conversation about the conversion from "stoic" to "stoic tv". The main reason was because people just didn't know what "stoic" was, so we thought adding the "tv" would help. It does, as you say, lead to the double-acronym thing, but then again it's not that uncommon (PIN number anyone?), and we thought whilst it may be technically wrong, we would rather people actually knew what we did.

At some point in the mid-90's it was called "SIC TV" - or at least the "channel" was, although the club has always been stoic to the best of my knowledge. This died a death fairly quickly (not sure why), and these days the "channel", i.e. the screens in the JCR, are only a very small part of the output, most of the viewers are online I believe.


8. n/a   
Apr 22 2006 22:00

Oh, and they also won Best On-Screen Male and (believe it or not, at Imperial College) Best On-Screen Female...

I remember sitting in the audience at NaSTA and thinking "Imperial has females now? Things must have changed since I went there..." ;-)

9. hmm   
Jul 16 2006 12:53

Good stuff! But still, none of the files on the website work (even the quicktime ones). It would be nice to be able to view some of this award-winning content, don't you think?

10. ...   
Jul 16 2006 14:20

Every link on goes to a 404

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