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Felix in Turmoil

Jun 08 2006 10:19
Gerald the Vicious Amoeba
Rumours from the Felix office suggest all is not well, with next weeks issue in danger of not being published
All is not well in the Felix camp...

Sources close to the Felix team have revealed to Live! that all is not well in the world of Felix.

Four of the editorial team have resigned from the team so far, they are the comments editor, science editor, deputy editor and a highly active news journalist. Rumours are also surfacing that the coffee break editor will be next to leave.

The discontent is alleged to stem from the introduction of the Rover Pullout which has significantly increased the workload of the team close to the end of term. The team responsible for this supplement are believed to be fairly new to the Felix team and are thus inexperienced.

A sacking of the deputy editor is alleged to have caused paranoia amongst the rover team which has since changed server passwords and altered the office key list partly freezing out existing Felix team members.

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Discussion about “Felix in Turmoil”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Jun 08 2006 11:36

Live seem to be struggling for news even more than we are. We just spoke to our commen editor who seemed somewhat bemused, "apparently I've resigned from Felix" he told us. I have been in the office the past 2 days and our science editor seemed to be in his usual good mood so we would all be fairly astonished if he got upset that quickly. You are right about the coffee break editor leaving. Next week is his last issue due to the fact that he is graduating and wont be around next year.

Exactly how well did the author research this article? As is always the case with live journalists im sure you made a huge effort to contact all those involved to verify that what you were reporting was correct. Surely you don't insult the great C&G by using their news server as a instrument of rumour and conjecture?

Jun 08 2006 11:40

When are Felix going to stop copying Live! articles without acknowledging them?

I seem to remember it was Live! who broke the Queen's lawn story...

Maybe it?s because we are better journalists :-)

Jun 08 2006 11:55

I had no need to research it, it was delivered to my inbox by a member of the Felix team. I then merely had to follow up a couple of leads and it was done.

Jun 08 2006 12:08

The introduction of the Rover pullout was facilitated by bring in a new editor, and has not increased anyone's workload - in fact, it has lessened workloads, by sharing responsibility for sections of the newspaper.

also the rover team does not have the authority to change any of the passwords and as such any change of passwords that has occured was not caused by us. in addition we at the Rover team are curious about the 'leads that were followed up' since no one in Rover was interviewed by Live. We would also like to postulate that the SINGLE source of your information was one disgruntled ex-member of the Felix team who was ejected from his position, and proceeded to cause the paranoia by destroying documents required for printing.

We would also like to point out that the Trevor Phillips fiasco is entirley unrelated, and we are joyously waiting to see how you try to link that to the current issue.

Finally, we are overjoyed at the news that a second IC newspaper actualyl exists! We were as yet unaware that live existed, thank you for alerting us to your presence.

Jun 08 2006 12:21

More than one source was consulted. This is Live and not Felix.

Jun 08 2006 12:27

What Trevor Phillips fiasco?

Jun 08 2006 12:51

I'm not going to get too involved with this except to say that an article I'd wrote about this for Felix was removed without my knowledge, and for no real reason. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. It is a shame really that having gotten over the initial hurdles (new editor with no experience, largely all new writers) it has come to all this bickering.

Jun 08 2006 12:53

what the sod is a 'Rover pullout'?

Jun 08 2006 12:54

in reply to the person above us, it is a bad idea.

Jun 08 2006 12:55

They added it last week. Not sure why... It moved Coffee Break and other stuff into it I think.

Jun 08 2006 13:08

If you want to read the article that didn't make it in, have a look at, it's printed there in full.

12. Anon   
Jun 08 2006 13:14

The Rover pullout has allowed Felix to add 2-3 extra pages as there wasn't enough material (e.g. front page of rover, then an exact copy on the Rwanda story). The Science editor called you a t**t about 50 times yesterday, Mr Felix Editor. As did the comment editor, and a few of the news editors.

Jun 08 2006 13:25

To the rover team: I am not the only ex-member (thanks to you, really), and I did not destroy any 'documents'. But I'm glad you agree it was paranoia.

14. HAHA   
Jun 08 2006 19:21





I am easily amused.

Jun 08 2006 19:32

Have the Rover editors secured their jobs for next year?

Jun 09 2006 01:28

I'm Andy, the editor elect for Felix.

I think the way Rupert has treated Vit (the deputy editor) has been excessively vindictive, considering the amount of work he has done over the past year. Vit has come from knowing nothing about Felix to being one of the most valued members of the editorial team. What Vit did to deserve the sacking (which I will not mention, as it is not my place to do so) was immature, but it was not without provocation. Countless times Vit has helped Rupert despite the abuse thrown his way. I realise how stressful Felix can be, having been around editors for four years, but sometimes this went over and above what would be acceptable if solely due to stress.

As for resigning as music editor, I will not be completing the last issue, due to course constraints, and I leave it up to my replacement, Matty Hoban, to decide if he wants to do a page for the final issue.

Re: Rover's situation. I've not been around the office much recently due to my masters project, but I can't understand why we need the pullout. The editor of Rover has aimed some completely unnecessary personal insults at Vit, which do not conform to his status as a fairly junior member of the team. Should he wish to remain a member of Felix next year, I would suggest he conduct himself with slightly more decorum.

I believe Vit has played a vital role (pun unintended) in keeping the quality of Felix high (though some may dispute this quality). As such, he will be reinstated as deputy next year.


Jun 15 2006 13:53

Well, its clear who made Felix what it was. Felix this week is full of mistakes.

Although the biggest mistake is Felix claiming credit for forcing a u-turn on the Queen's Lawn portacabins, which we reported first... (and received no credit from Felix).

I'm sure Andy will show more integrity next year.

Jun 15 2006 15:13

As much as it always means that you were right, it is quite sad (and inmature) when people can't offer any arguments against a particular point, and turn to insults rather than admitting their defeat/error/...

Jun 15 2006 15:14

Now, now Rupert...

Jun 15 2006 17:18

Did anyone actually bother 'editing' this week's issue or did they just copy and paste whatever was sent in to fill each blank page?

21. arse   
Jun 15 2006 17:46

Yeah, it was s**t. Ugly page 3 people and most of 'Rover' was copied from last week. What a disgrace!

22. hmm   
Jun 15 2006 23:49

No, thats hardly fair. Ok, so the grammatical quality and spelling has been poor - so what? It's not the Literary Review, it's a student rag.

This year the editor has brought a bit of cheeky fun (page 3) and some good solid investigative journalism into the paper. It has put pressure on the Sabbs to perfom, and has had an effect (however small) on College descision about matters affecting students. Don't let the events of last week overshadow what has largely been a good editorial year.

Jun 16 2006 00:23

Solid investigative journalism? That students can get into the Faculty Building? Half the front page articles were made up news!

Jun 16 2006 06:30

Why are you all so bitter towards a group of people who have done far more for our students than you ever will? I think the answer to that question is that narrow-minded hacks such as yourselves resent Rupert for going about his job in a thorougly normal fashion. Lets face it, your time at Imperial is going to be the only period in your life that you are not going to be subject to bullying for being a gimp but that is no excuse to have a go at Felix staff.

I think that Rupert was quite right in his editorial to take pride in the fact that he was refused honours by the Union as those people really need to be wound up. The whole episode reeks of hacks rewarding other hacks and I cant understand a system where lazy sabbs get automatic life membership and someone who has probably put in more hours than the rest of them put together gets no recognition at all.

Jun 16 2006 06:36

Give it a rest Rupert! If I may be frank, nobody likes you. Kindly stop posting on Live! under a variety of pseudonyms in a pathetic attempt to convince us that you have friends.


Sir Bartholemew Futtocks

Jun 16 2006 09:34

The posts by "hmm" and "shocked" have some very good points. Felix has been an entertaining read many times during the year and the team have done a good job for the most part. It started out a bit ropey, but improved from there.

But at the same time, "Felix" has not published club articles it should've done (and not been very nice about the way it did it either). Many people have had problems with the way they've been treated by the editor, whose style of communicating seems to be to swear at everyone in sight, with very little respect for anyone.

Whether Felix was successful because of, or in spite of, its leadership only the Felix team can say. Perhaps a bit of both.

In any case I wish Rupert well next year, the antics at Felix have proven to be entertaining.

Jun 16 2006 10:20

shocked: I was dissing an article I co-wrote, not other people's articles.

Aug 20 2006 13:21

All of you, get a life! If you bothered using the exuberant energy you seem to have wasted on this wall, on making Felix a paper you personally would like to read, then not only will you be proud (and heaven knows that "proud", "felix" and "Imperial" are words most of you are ashamed to utter in quick succession) but you will also realise how hard it is to do a degee, have a part-time job and edit a page each week.

When I graduate, I want to look back and know that even though I didn't study hard, I still got a degree and made a contribution to this first-class university. I not ashamed to be part of I.C and nor should you!

Long live Felix, and long live those who endevour to make this university a more enjoyable and friendly place to study!

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