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New Union Website Launches

Jun 14 2006 18:00
Ashley Brown
The new Union website has appeared, with the promise of better navigation and less paperwork for clubs.
The new website

On Wednesday evening the new Union website sprung into life, bringing a host of new features. Re-arrangement of web services is occuring at the same time for clubs, with some club addresses changing.

The new ?40,000 website, given the snappy URL of, provides club-specific areas for selling membership, regalia and events tickets. ICU President Sameena Misbahuddin has invited everyone to "check it out".

One of the most valuable new additions may prove to be mobile browsing - club trip lists can be updated from a mobile phone, avoiding the hassle of handing in paperwork before heading out on a trip.

A crucial part is currently missing - the latest editorially-independent news from around College will not be displayed on the site just yet, with Live! and Felix feeds not currently working. Live! has been informed that the news feed will return, hopefully "over the summer".

The latest Union news remains on the front page, but thankfully in a much more coherent form than before. Of course, for scandal, up to the minute breaking news and sabb-bashing there's only one place you need to be.

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Discussion about “New Union Website Launches”

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Jun 14 2006 19:28

Well at £40k you'd have thought that you wouldn't have to resort to the site search feature to find for example a CSC homepage rather than a 'this is what this CSC is according to whoever wrote the site blurb".

Not impressed.

2. C!   
Jun 14 2006 19:30

Grrr. I filled in the customisation form that appeared. Now every link I click on is https but every image is http so I get stuipid "not all of this web page is secure" popups in IE

3. Bob   
Jun 14 2006 20:09


Did you not try the links at the foot of every page? Or is that too simple?

The nav bar seems a bit cluttered but it's pretty good. And the (very impressive I believe) backend is what we paid 40k for.

4. WW   
Jun 14 2006 20:24

Agreed with C!

Well annoying!

5. Bob   
Jun 14 2006 20:41

Use Firefox! Problem solved.

6. Mark   
Jun 14 2006 21:18

The backend of the site is actually very powerful - i've spent the last three weeks working with it, and it's good stuff.

7. Dan L   
Jun 14 2006 22:06

As a normal cynic on these subjects I have to say that I am very impressed with the site. The admin side is very cool, and we have setup our trip to Wales this weekend in the system, so we can pay for our trip online - now that is serious progress...

"Well done ICU" - not often i say that!

Jun 15 2006 00:05

You can't expect everyone to use FireFox. Seeing as how more than 50% of people use IE, the site should be aimed at being compatible with (at least) that browser...

Telling 'n00bz' to switch to FF is hardly a viable solution...

Jun 15 2006 01:00

Its an excellent webpage, with great features etc, but what about the Crest? Where's the traditional IC crest? Doesnt anyone care about the crest?

10. C!   
Jun 15 2006 01:11

To Bob,

Rather unfortunately it is IE which is installed on the clusters in elec eng & the library. If I want to use firefox then I have to remote desktop into and it's not worth the effort.

In addition to the https problem, I cannot select test in IE6

Jun 15 2006 01:17

Who cares about the crest... ICU is not the college.

I heard a certain Newspaper Editor is very unhappy that Live! have a banner on the site! All I can say is - HA HA HA HA HA.....

Jun 15 2006 01:59

Hahahahahaha love that banner!

13. Tris   
Jun 15 2006 02:54

Inspired banner, guys.

Jun 15 2006 09:06

I'll add my congratulations to the banner. It's making my morning.

Jun 15 2006 11:31

Thanks for the generally positive comments, the issue with IE has been solved and apologies to those it affected. We can understand you finding it annoying! If you experience any problems please contact - we need to be aware of any issues you may be experiencing during the launch of the website.

Jun 15 2006 12:50

Whilst I admit that it doesn't seem that the PhysSci website has been updated for a while I think it's a shame that the RCSU logo at the bottom of the front page links to the Life Sci webpage only. Not sure what I'd suggest as an alternative at the moment though - bit of a grey area in the crossover between FLS/FPS/FNS. I gather the wheels are in motion for a spangly RCSU site soon.

Jun 15 2006 14:30

I've just tried it in Safari- using the browser back button keeps taking me to the "This site will be launched soon" page, although I suspect that could be a caching issue- how do I fix that?

So I switched to IE, and there the frames were all out-of-place, although that probably serves me right for using IE on a Mac.

Jun 20 2006 12:28

nice crests, good to hold onto the heritage that dicky sykes is so keen to chuck in the bin...

so where's the rsm crest?

Jun 20 2006 15:10

Unfortunately the RSM is not a faculty union, it's effectively a departmental society these days. Wye or Silwood aren't faculty unions either, which is why their crests are also not included.

20. hmm   
Jun 20 2006 17:41

That's terrible. Just because they are not 'proper' Unions doesn't mean that they can't have a crest. Really, what harm is it going to do including them - it would look better. And where is the IC crest? I thought we were moving away from the 'corparate' look!!

Jun 21 2006 11:27

Looks pretty impressive, nice layout, good images and all, well done!

Jun 21 2006 18:37

despite the rsm having a website they could link to, and encompassing more heritage than the Faculty of Life Sciences, and being more active than the rest of the university put together

Jun 22 2006 08:28

Look miners, the simple fact is that last year you went from a Faculty Union to a Clubs and Societies Comittee, all be it one with a lot of traditions and a highly active one. You do not get a crest because of that change, in just the same way as the rugby club do not get a crest despite them having a long history and many traditions.

24. random   
Jun 27 2006 15:02

I don't particularly agree with "being more active than the rest of the university put together" What do you guys actually do? Sit around and drink? Well doesnt the sports clubs do that as well as actually doing some activities??!!

Jun 28 2006 11:17


The IC crest is not the logo of ICU, which is why it isn't being used on their new website.

The RSMU / CSC was never a Faculty Union although it was once a Constituent College Union (CCU). The RSM Union voted to lose its CCU status in 2001 when the Constituent Colleges were "abolished". At the time of their abolition, CCUs had fewer powers and responsibilities than modern Faculty Unions do.


I very much sympathise with those who are irritated about how arrogant and out-of-touch some miners seem to be these days. Sure, many of them are great fun and aren?t interested in boasting about great the RSM supposedly is.

However; a few rowdy bar nights, a couple of chaotic dinners and an annual rugby match against a third rate team from Cornwall does not make the RSM CSC "more active than the rest of the university put together"!

Jul 05 2006 16:14

Anyone know what happened to CSG in the Department of Computing? I heard that about 5 of them got sacked.

Jul 05 2006 16:19

I have a funny feeling that there's an article on the way ... keep an eye out tomorrow.

28. Pundit   
Feb 14 2008 16:01

Is live now on the front page of

29. Editor   
Feb 14 2008 16:06

If you have flash installed, yes it is.

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