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Union Colours Awards 2006

Jun 14 2006 11:58
Ashley Brown
After many hours of deliberation, the recipients of Union Colours have been announced.
Hmm, an ICU logo...

Monday night's Union Council saw the announcement and ratification of the Colours Awards for 2006, following two evenings of discussion by the Colours Committee.

Half Colours

  • Nathanial Ahern
  • Olle Akesson
  • Martin Archer
  • Daniel Chowdhury
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Sam Dash
  • Tom Elliott
  • Eloise Fowler
  • Reema Gondhia
  • Jennifer Grunwell
  • Siobhan Henn
  • Dave Horton
  • Paul Illife
  • John James
  • Nadia Khalid
  • Shazad Khalid
  • Sally Longstaff
  • Alex Lord
  • Tim Lui
  • Jad Marrouche
  • Rebecca Miller
  • Annakan Navaratnam
  • Anushka Patchava
  • Samantha Perera
  • Brian Pickett
  • Karthik Rathinasabapathy
  • Katrina Riggall
  • Adam Roper
  • Arman Sahovic
  • Bryony Sales
  • Neel Savanai
  • Nowlan Selvapatt
  • Joao Serra
  • Rishi Shah
  • Nick Simpson
  • Eirini Spentza
  • Hannah Theodorou
  • Dominic Thorington
  • Vidula Vinayagamoorthy
  • Tom Woodcock
  • James Yeasley
  • Kejia Zhu

Full Colours

  • Richard Bacon
  • Anthony Calder
  • Martin Chong
  • Helen Edwards
  • Mark Flower
  • Leah Glass
  • Roland Hettige
  • Eric Lai
  • Xiaoyun Lee
  • James Millen
  • Henry Ozarovsky
  • Cristina Rodriguez-Trobajo
  • Kamil Shah
  • Mariko Tavernier
  • Matt Taylor
  • Anne-Marie Wirth

Outstanding Service Award

  • Siddarth Singh

"For his dedication as CGCU President this year - and for talking so much".


  • Ant Brown
  • Dan Carrivick
  • John Collins
  • Alex Guite
  • Nick Jones
  • Dan Lehmann
  • Chris McIver
  • Imran Sajid

Sabbatical Officers are not normally considered for Colours, however current DPCS Simon Matthews was nominated to the committee, who referred his nomination to Council for decision. It was felt his work for the Union over the course of his time at Imperial was deserving of a Fellowship.

President's Awards

Mark Flower - "For his dedication to helping get the best for the students. It has been a pleasure having Mark on Executive committee and him helping out with Elections, with the Union website, his work on the building redevelopment, and always willing selflessly to help out, on top of his hard work as RCC Chair. And being a general top guy."

James Millen - "For his willingness to help improve things, his work as Returning officer, Elections committee, new Club & Society working group, as well as his efforts as SCC chair. And being a general top guy."

Kian S Low - "For his help in numerous Union projects, including SHAG week, Green Week, Letter To Tony and notably College Dress code and his general willingness to help out for the better of the students."

The Clubs and Societies award goes to Hockey Club, with the following clubs mentioned as close runners up:

  • Cricket Club
  • De La Beche (Geology)
  • Finance Society
  • IC MUN (Model United Nations)
  • ICSM Surgical Society
  • Indian Society
  • International Tamil Society
  • Pugwash
  • Railway Society
  • Swimming & Water-polo
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Discussion about “Union Colours Awards 2006”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
1. arse   
Jun 20 2006 17:44

Ah, good to see so many worthy people getting colours.

But honorary membership for all the Sabbs? Why? It just devalues the concept of it. The Felix Editor (while he is a t**t) actually did a good job, which is more than can be said for some sabbs. It all smells like kissing a**e, and rewarding mediocre poeple that don't kick up a fuss or cause trouble - irrespective of whether they did a good job or not. Rubbish

Jun 21 2006 09:34

The sabbs are not eligible for colours, and there is a specific provision for them to be awarded honorary membership at the end of the year, subject to the approval of Council. It is generally the expectation that sabbs who have done a not-unreasonable job will be awarded honorary membership.

Whether this is the right thing to do or not is slightly different question...

3. tom t   
Jun 26 2006 16:34

The First Harvested Organic Courgette award was not awarded this year, though last year's recipient was this year's President of the Union. It is traditionally given to the member of the Union deemed by the previous recipient to have done a great deal for the Union, although their contribution had not been recognised in an official way by the Colours scheme.

I'd be very upset if this tradition is lost and hope that the incoming President will find the time to make the award next year.

4. hmm   
Jun 27 2006 12:26

That loses menaing a bit when the previous recipient was not only on colours committee, but giving presidents' awards...

5. Sam   
Jul 03 2006 13:49

Tut tut Mr Pell:

"It is generally the expectation that sabbs who have done a not-unreasonable job will be awarded honorary membership."

That should be "it is generally NOW the expectation that Sabbs who have done a not-unreasonable job will be awarded honorary membership"

In fact in 2000-2001 the Sabbaticals deemed that automatically awarding themselves Honourary Membership was a very very dodgy thing indeed. That's the only year of recent sabbaticals that did so.

Since then, I believe the constitution has been 'tightened up' (to make the award more automatic)... In fact I'm sure that when it was tightened up, HLMs were specifically granted to those members of the 2000-2001 team... and I should know because I was one.

But then you might have been reasonably expected to know as well, because when paper K was passed, you were Council Chair!!!

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